Do I Look Nervous? Or Excited?

As you all know, my 2nd trisem in school is coming up. It’s actually this monday. uhh. I’m surely excited because I missed my classmates and friends (yeah, guys i really do!!!), but i’m a bit nervous about the subjects and the time schedule. Plus, i’m a little disappointed about my GWA last sem (it’s 1.72, and it sucks!!!). The lowest is english :(. I better work harder. uhm. Anyway I still deserve that grade. I’ll just make it higher this time.

Anyway, the photo here in this post were taken on Tuesday. Me and my family all went to Trinoma mall (i really love shopping!), because my two older cousins treat us and ate in a fastfood. Oh, I forgot to tell, there’s already a new Vans outlet store there, near Stoked,Inc., Oakley, Quiksilver/Roxy. You guys better check it out!!!

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