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Ok everyone… Almost a day from now, my big day is comin’ and I’m already turning 17. I Hate It. But here you go, you can give me comments and greetings as many as you like. 🙂


*10 Things I Want To Receive As Present*

1. A Keroro Gunsou Stuffed Toy

2. A Vans Slip-On

3. A Quad-Core Gaming CPU

4. A Sony PlayStation 3

5. Girls’ Generation CD

6. Baker Skateboard

7. Samsung F480

8. Birthday Cake

9. Everything Colorful

10. L.O.V.E.

*5 Reasons Why I Hate Getting Older*

1. Children Will Call Me “Kuya”, And I Hate It Very Much!!!

2. People Will Laugh At Me When They Caught Me Watching “Pokemon” And “Keroro Gunsuo”. And It’s Pretty Annoying…

3. I Hate To Say This,….But Actually, I’m A Person Who Cries A Lot… And Maybe If I Cry One Of These Days, They’ll Tell Me To “Please, Grow Up!!!”. And As Simple Plan Said, “I Don’t Want To Be Told To Grow Up…”.

4. Since Childhood Until Now, I Am Recognized By My Friends And Family As The Most Childish One, And Of The Things That Makes Me Childish Is When I Am Fond Of Making Weird, Cute, Chipmunk Sounds (*Dorky Here). And So, I Think If I Get Older, Then They’ll Just Ignore It And Continue What They Are Doing, Unlike Before, They Actually Laugh And Asks Me, “How’d You Do That?”, “Ohhh, It’s Sooo Cute!!!”, “So Weird…”…Whatever They Say…. I Just Love Doing It… =)

5. My Mom Usually Calls Me “Baby Boy”….Any Idea Why I’m Talking About It??? I’m Sure You Do…LoL xP…She Calls Me That On Phone, On YM, And Everytime She Arrives From Marianas Islands (Work)….And I Think, People Might Laugh Around Me, To See Me, All Grown Up (No, I’m Not Yet!!!!) And My Mom Calling Me That… But, Man, I Love How Mom Calls Me That… She Even Usually Bite The Tip Of My Ears….LoL =) I’m Just A Spoiled Bratt…

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