My 17th Birthday Gift List

Ok, now here, I brought you guys the complete list of the items i got as gifts during my 17th birthday. But, looks like only 75% are being granted? It’s ok. I’m still happy, atleast I got those priority one’s, and btw, i’m also going to post my 2008 christmas wishlist soon, so keep checkin’. So, here’s the list i’m talking about:

  1. Samsung Tocco F480 – October 5, 2008
  2. Bunch of Colorful Everyday-Boxers
  3. Some Hoodies
  4. Vans Classic Slip-On – Bonefish
  5. Vans Tee-Shirt
  6. Lee X-Line Steel Gray Denim Jeans
  7. Lots of new cool & cute Tee’s…
  8. Bedtime Slippers
  9. Celfone Strap plus Key-chains
  10. Plaid-Patterned Short

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