How Are Things?

I wrote this post to atleast update my blog coz’ i’m really really busy for something. First off, I finally found out how to install a lot of games for the phone, and it’s really easy as the others do not think. I used a program called tkfileexplorer.exe to browse the contents of the phone memory and then drag the .jar and .jad file in their respective folders. And samsung phones requires .jad file, unlike in moto, so i use jadmaker to generate a .jad file for every .jar games.

Next, foundation day. my midterm in englo5 is to present a choral verse speaking entitled “tiny feet”… we practiced and practiced as if we’re really serious about this thing and made a cute costumes with headbands. And on the performance day, unfortunately we forgot the lines LOL. But it’s still fun, and the crowd had fun, and I even think we did the right job coz’ we’re the last group to perform, the last one should give some laughter… but, my God, I’m still happy, my girl classmates won!!! at least it came from our section.

Anyway, there’s no classes on monday because of bonifacio day, and instead I’ll go play and update everything in my blog and profiles.

BTW, Good Charlotte’s Greatest Remixes is already out.

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