[2008] Good Charlotte – The Greatest Remixes

Greatest Remixes

Album: Greatest Remixes
Artist: Good Charlotte

Release Type: Compilation/Remix Album
Release Date: November 24, 2008
Genre: Dance Rock, Dance Punk, Hip-hop, Synth Pop
Label: Sony BMG-Epic-Daylight
Producer: Good Charlotte, Josh Madden, Junior Sanchez

Track List:

1. Los Angeles World Wide ehh i think it’s not just a remix, but a remake… the full song has changed anyway. the song is remixed by Junior Sunchez, one of the producer of this record and a very good colleague of Good Charlotte. anyway, this song is good as the number one track. i love how Joel Madden sound in the intro.

2. Anxiety this isn’t actaully a remix or a remake, though it sounds much like Broken Hearts Parade, it’s actually a B-Side of Good Morning Revival, but i don’t know why they didn’t release it sooner. nothing special in the song coz’ it sounds like what Good Charlotte is now.

3. Broken Hearts Parade this song features Tabi Bonney and Philieano as guest artists and Marshall Arts as remixer of the song. i think this is one of my favorite in this record. it’s like a ska… or ska-punk, with hip-hop in the middle part. it’s good to play this song when you’re having your vacation… really cool sound!!! i even put this on my haptic phone now coz’ it’s nice to listen to it. two thumbs up to this song…

4. Fight Song and this one features one of my favorite hip-hop rapper in town… The Game!. there’s also Jay-E for the remixing of this song. i think this is an unreleased song, i heard the “ohhh!.. that exits!” sound before. i have a Good Charlotte track called Money Makes Ya’ Kill A Man, i heard that part there, and also to Hilary Duff’s Material Girl version. ehh this track is good for a racing game, like Need For Speed. and Joel Madden is so harcore to this song, this is the second time i heard his voice like that, the other one is from The Young and the Hopeless…Two Thumbs Up Again…xD

5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl LoL this is very hippie, featuring Bubba Sparxxx and Jung Tru as guests and the Dead Executives itself as the remixer…cool!!! it sounded like Money in the Bank… yow! =)

6. I Just Wanna Live i heard something from the I Just Wanna Live Full Phatt Remix…the girl one… ehh forget it.. anyway this song is remixed by Teddy Reilly. uhmm i’m not used to this song… just a cool one. but annoying remix.

7. The Anthem this is remixed by Million Mano… a very good remix though. featuring Hollywood Holt…

8. All Black i don’t know why Good Charlotte remixed this song, while this isn’t there single but just a part of Good Morning Revival. uhmm nothing else to say coz’ this sng really don’t catch my taste vut as long as it’s a Good Charlotte record, i’ll make it grow on me. btw the song features Mat Dvine as guest and The White Tie Affair as remixer.

9. Little Things this song isn’t as good as i expected, but i’ll make it grow on me because Patrick Stump remixed this song… cool… pop punk unite!!!

10. Dance Floor Anthem the song is a cover of another pop punk/dance punk band which is now my favorite, Metro Station. i’m so glad about this cover. this is so cool…

11. Predictable featuring Stress the Whiteboy remixer and Rahzii Hi-Power as guest. i love the remix but don’t have time to listen to it over and over again.

12. Girls and Boys a nice remix by Ed Banger Allstars… i’m listening to it these days…

13. The Young and the Hopeless this is a cool remix by Mr. Joseph Hahn of Linkin Park. the mood is quite sad but the sound does like a Fort Minor song.

14. Hold On this is being remixed by the band The Academy Is… and it’s quite cool that pop punk bands are uniting through this record… cool! xD you can hear their vocalist in the chorus part…

15. Where Would Be Now this is such a quite good remix by Troublemaker. he made the song sound like a lullaby. very well done xD

My Comment: this is a nice record by Good Charlotte and the rest of their friends. it’s also nice to hear that they’re back to the studio again for a fifh album which is getting back to the pop punk roots…

My Rating: 9/10

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