My 2008 Christmas Wishlist

Finally it’s here!!! Now I can list down those things that I can’t keep on my mind for the rest of the year… Ok, let’s talk about the sensefuls… here it is now guys, though i know, a lot of these things won’t come out on Christmas…

1. A Next-Gen Gaming PC – yup, still talking’ about it, coz’ i still lack of money to buy one… especially i’m still a student, and i need one… well, guys it should be Intel Core i7-powered, or else, get the crap out of it…!

2. A Good Charlotte: Greatest Remixes CD – well, i haven’t had a cd, but the digital one.

3. A Baker DD Skateborad – you know what… i’m sick of this board.. it’s a must have for a dollin fan like me!!!

4. Vans DD-66 – yup, coz’ i hate the no skool 2, and still prefer the looks of no skool, so with dustin dollin‘s still signatured shoe, it’s a new name!!!

5. Vans Avenge – well, i really don’t care if it’s not a signatured shoe, but still it’s cool… it really looks cool…!

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