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Here’s my second shoe from Vans, the Vans No Skool. Originally, I was planning to buy the No Skool 2 but I was amazed at how this one looks. The No Skool 2 looks like a “meh”, lacks the thick materials, suede and instead, all wrapped in canvas. So here, I’m presenting you my No Skool.

Although considered to be an upgrade to the popular Vans Old School, with a lot of new features such as an extremely padded materials made the Vans No Skool as popular as how it looks like.

One of the key features of this upgraded Old School is the greatness of the materials used upon making this shoe. First of all, the canvas features user-friendly graffiti printed on both sides of the shoe (shown below). Mine includes the Skeeters graffiti, a good choice as the shoe itself is a combination of the colors Black, Red and White.

Aside from the canvas the shoe boasts, the No Skool is armed with high-quality black suede, all-wrapped in most parts of the shoe.

Here’s a bad news. The “Vans off the wall” logo found near the back of this shoe (as pictured below) are just softly glued in the shoe’s white-rubberized base of the soles. Better take it out and put it again using a high-quality long-lasting glues available in the market, or else you’ll lose that thing.

The No Skool, just like the other shoes by Vans, also includes the well-known yet high-quality cone-shaped shoe soles. It is in fact, sticks well enough in skateboards, and I’m sure about that coz’ I tested it myself.

The tongue of this shoe shows the Dustin Dollin logo where it says “Dollin” together with the well-known Piss-Drunx logo printed in the insoles.

I could say that the No Skool is good enough even if you’re not using it for skateboarding and just using it for your daily life, going to school or walking in the park or even sleeping with it. The No Skool is equipped with long lasting soles.

I almost forgot that this shoe is Dustin Dollin’s own Pro signatured skate shoes, thus the logo found in its tongue and that’s why this one is mostly made of good quality materials. Built as an upgrade to the Old School, it is therefore made with Dustin’s own preferences.

Before I conclude this Hands On review of the No Skool, here’s a Youtube video I made featuring some footage of the No Skool with Dustin Dollin’s favorite band Children of Bodom playing in the background:

The No Skool is also featured many times in my very first YouTube video titled “-Filipino Presentation-” in the scenes where Dustin Dollin are shredding it out.

And also, here’s a video footage of Dustin Dollin, a cut from the Skateboarding video Baker 3, featuring the No Skool.

My Rating: 9/10
Other Infos: for more pics, click here
My Last Words: The Dustin Dollin-pro-signatured  No Skool by Vans is a must have. It’s my second skate shoe from Vans and I swear,  this design will last forever. Forget about those long-tongued-fake-Supras, they’re only for posers. I recommend this to anyone who skates, and who does not skate…

|> Children of Bodom – If You Want Peace… Prepare for War


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  1. i want a vans skater shoes too.. haha i spotted a cute one at SMF yesterday afternoon

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