Monthly Archives: January 2009

Happy New Year…!

Yep…It’s a great life I had on 2008, and yet, it’s true there’s nothing permanent in life. so here, a brand new morning has come for us to spend with our family and love-ones.

so, what about the 2009? yes, it’s time to reveal the things i’m going to get interested with. first of, i need to upload those vids i’ve captured on the holidays…they’re quite a lot so it’ll take time on youtube. and yes, Girls’ Generation is finally releasing their new mini album this january 7th. while i’m also gonna wait for suju’s comeback on march and mid of 2009 is gc’s comeback too with their new album Cardiology…awesome & busy 2009…!

and i’m gonna be back from hiatus when my new pc is up… while i’m gonna focus on studies this following week, it’s already 3rd trimester and i can’t wait for SUMMER 2009!!!

i’m also gonna get ready for my mom’s short comeback here in the philippines, and for my upcoming 18th birthday…hehehe LoL

for now, i’ll just gonna focus on what i’m doing right now… GBU =)