Valentines Day…

I wasn’t able o pick a date for anyone I wanted to. IDK. I’m just not into it right now, though I’m not busy at all. It’s just that, I’ve changed… a lot… my ideal girl is now… a woman… i mean, i want to have a partner who’s older than me for a bit… like i was 20 and she’s like…24-26? i always dream of that kind of situation… i wanna try it myself, though im still a minor right now (17 right?)… well, gonna try it if i get older after 2 years i guess…it’s just that, i want someone who’ll take care of me, who will lead my way, and protect me from sins… haaaaayyyyy…. if only i get the chance right now…

well, it was too late, since the woman i’m lookin’ up is married…. but i’ll try and look for another one… this time, i’ll assure she’s not married and i’ll try to confess my feelings… hwaiting!

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