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Intel Core i7 920

hi there geekies… so, what’s up? well, now, finally, i have the best next-gen processor today… it’s the Core i7!!!
oh, so what’s the story? ok… here it is (in timeline LoL)

+ October 2007 – mom arrived from saipan (from work) and told her we should buy Vista Home Premium for her Lappie, and buy either a new dual-core or quad-core desktop pc. that time is the rose od the Intel Core 2 processors, so, dual-core processor are still doing the best… and the only quad-core out is only the Q6600 (which is now phased out)… -failure-

+ June 2008 – 2nd year 1st trimester, summer days just finished (we’ve gone to lucban and tayabas). this is the time when i’m having insomnias, got addicted to skateboarding (and asked mom for money to buy dustin dollin’s no skool shoe), played cabal online for hours (force blader, up to level 18 i guess), dled a lot od movies (twins effect, forbidden kingdom, etc) throuhg torrent, and most specially, became acertified SONE (gir’s generation fan) and addicted to K-Pop. that time, i became a netizen, and since i still download episodes of You Are My Destiny, i noticed, my harddrives getting full…answer? Burner! burned a lot of DVDs and CDs… few weeks later, my Sony DVD-RW became a crap…so, tried to just save the episodes through my brother’s ipod (working like a harddisk, right?). since i became a netizen, well, of course, i shouldn’t forget the geeky me… asked mom to buy me pc parts through… i remember, i was choosing between the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 or the AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edtion… that time also, i started to like the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4850 Toxic coz’ it’s cool!… but still, i failed… my mom told me we should just buy here in PH not outside the country, i also realized that since the warranties of those things…

+ Late October – November 2008 – this is the worst time of year 2008 for me. early October, my mom bought me my Samsung F480 Tocco (replacement of Anycall Haptic), as my Birthday Gift… later on… arrgghhh! our house! it got renovated… so, no money for all… dammit! so… i just focused on my studies, coz’ it just pisses me off everytime i think about it… -failure, really!-

+ February 2009 – Happy New Year!!! LoL… no, i was busy this time. SNSD cameback, and i had to finish my thesis… and the worst thing is, my old P$ pc got wrecked… like it wont run anymore… so i ended up doing my thesis in some computer shop out there… poor kid LoL

+ Mach 2009 – Graduation! joke… i finished my thesis, school is finished too, and i’m excited to be a 3rd year student! well, this is the time my mom bout me Black Honey! -success!-

So, what’s new in Intel Core i7???

– LGA 1366 or Socket B (so i need to buy that type of mobo)
– On-die memory controller: the memory is directly connected to the processor
– Three channel memory, DDR3 support only
– No ECC support
– Intel QuickPath Interconnect interface replaced the Front Side Bus
– 32 KB L1 instruction and 32 KB L1 data cache per core
– 256 KB L2 cache (combined instruction and data) per core
– 8 MB L3 (combined instruction and data) “inclusive”, shared by all cores
– Single-die device: all four cores, the memory controller, and all cache are on a single die
– “Turbo Boost” technology
– the return of Hyper-threading – this means that there is 4 cores physically, but 8 cores logically (that’s why it’s cool!)
– 45nm
– 731M transistors
– 263 mm2 Die size
– Support for SSE4.2 & SSE4.1 instruction sets

Intel Core i7 920 Specifications:

– Released on 2008-11-17 (i bought it April 2009 in PCHub)
– Thermal Design Power of 130 W
– 2.66GHz ~ 2.67GHz x 4
– Core Multiplier is 20
– 1x 4.8 GT/s
– 1.2 Voltage
– Codenamed Bloomfield

the Pros:

– so fast, that you can’t even determine the so-far ahead of the core i7 920 to my old pentium 4 2.4GHz Northwood LoL
– excellent in multi-tasking
– good-looking!
– i can play, so many games at the same time (GTA4, RA3, GH3, Burnout Paradise, NFS UC all at the same time)
– 8-core logically makes me sick!
– the super mini sized 45nm amazed me
– the included fan works so well, don’t need to buy the V8 for now (but i’m planning to)
– i think this cpu will last for 5 years or more
– silent.. and stable
– the boxing is quite cool too

the Cons:

– as of now, nothing… i just heard that intel is releasing a 6-core physically and 12-core logically in the near future.
– i have no right to compare this processor to AMD Phenom II X4, since, in my life, i havent tried an AMD processor for my pc (unless in comp shops). but still, i prefer Intel Core i7 more, i heard the Phenom II X4 is just game and media centric, and that i need fast and stable pc since i am a programmer.


Vista: 8-Cores

Vista: 8-Cores

Desktop + CPU-Z

Desktop + CPU-Z














Core i7 920 Box

Core i7 920 Box

Performance: 10/10 [stable, quiet, fast and cool]
Value: 9.5/10 [it’s not pricey… i bought it @ PHP 13,990 @ PCHub, same price with Core 2 Quad Q9950]Overall Rating: 9.75/10
Comment: i really recommend everyone who’s building a new rig to choose this processor series, whether the 920 like mine, or faster ones like the 940, 950, 965, 975… it’s good for gaming, programming and all of what you do in your desktops… and good for over-clocking too!



PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

hello everyone! just happen to show you 20% fragment of Black-Honey. It’s just one factor how my Black-Honey became a super wild beast, a next-gen gametop (just combined game + desktop LoL). well, i have the PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

So, why did i chose the HD4850 Play! by PowerColor???

-i guess it’s cheaper (LoL), i bought @ PHP6500.00 ($130) in PCHub altogether with the rest of Black-Honey’s fragments…
-i’ve given the chance to choose from the PCS+ and Play! edtion. the PCS+ edition offers 1GB GDDR3 while Play! only offers 512MB GDDR3 (that’s why it’s cheaper)… PCS+’s Fan is colored metallic-red, while Play! is colored Black (and i like it!)
-i heard from various reliable sites (such as that this GPU is an OC version (overclocked) so that means, it’s better than other HD4850 GPUs there (man, i really wanted the Toxic version of Sapphire)
-my last card is a Sapphire Radeon 9250, so before, i really wanted that toxic version, but i realize i should try other brand names just like PowerColor (PowerColor is an American Company, subsidiary of FoxConn (Taiwan))

And yeah, Black-Honey is already built, and the Pros are:

-silent and stale GPU
-design is very cool, i like the Black Fan…
-it wasn’t that big
-it performs so well, running so much apps
-my max. resolution (based on my Samsung SyncMaster 943snx) is 1360×768… the GPU i think has higher max. resolution…
-performs so well in 3dsmax 2009
-i can play GTA IV, Red Alert 3, Burnout Paradise, Crysis Warhead, etc. without having any issues…all smooth!!!

-in terms of performance, i guess…none
-but in the package… a lot!
-no CrossFireX cable included
-the Manual is a crap (just a piece of white paper)
-driver is not reliable…damn
-but still… it’s cool!

Full Specifications:

Graphics Engine:     RADEON HD4850
Video Memory:       512MB GDDR3
Engine Clock:            635MHz
Memory Clock:        993MHz x 2
Memory Interface  256bit
DirectX Support:     10.1
Bus Standard:           PCIE 2.0

Video Input:

VGA Output:             Yes, By DVI to VGA converter
HDTV Output:          Yes, By HDTV Cable
TV Output:                Yes, By TV-OUT Bracket
DVI Output:              DVI-I x 1 + Display Port x 1
Dual-link DVI:          Yes
HDMI Support:        Yes, on board
HDCP Support:        Yes

Pictures (Official):

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

Pictures (with Black-Honey):

Top View

Rear View [DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort]Front View [Transistors, Batteries, Fan, structure]Side View [Connected to my Intel X58 Extreme Board]Fan Side View [Connected via PCI-Express 2. x16]Fan View [PowerColor Logo]GPU-Z:

GPU-Z Main Tab

GPU-Z Main Tab

GPU-Z Advanced Tab

GPU-Z Advanced Tab


Useful Links:

PowerColor Official Website – Official 4850HD Play! Product Page
PhotoBucket – Pictures of My 4850HD Play!
PCHub – PowerColor HD4850 Play! Profile

Perfromance: 9.8/10 [play GTA IV smoothly]
Value: 10/10 [it’s worthy to place PHP6500.00 to this cool GPU
Design: 9.5/10 [i prefer the red fan od PCS+ edition]
Accesories: 8/10 [no CrossFire X bracket, manual is a crap]

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

My Comment: i’ve given it a 9.3 out of 10 rating since, the included accesories are craps… but still the perfromance did so well…

Girls’ Generation HaHaHa Widget

This is Girls’ Generation HaHaHa Widget.

I installed this first in my pc (BLACK S♥NE) back in 2009, around the same time the HaHaHa campaign was made public. The widget itself is useful, specially if you’re korean. You can see the girls out there right on your desktop. This is good for student fans and/or full-time working fans. I find it adorable, specially when I’m working on my program on either Visual Basic or Netbeans, I can gain so much strength ^_^

The downside is that, it would be better if you’re operating system, say, Windows 7, is set into korean language so you can fully use the reminder widget. Too bad, I’m not korean, I’m just a guy who loves and envies the hallyu wave.

If you notice, this post has been revised and updated. I have reviewed my “not-so-good” words and made them simpler.
By the way, if you want to download the file, just follow my instructions below and don’t hesitate to ask. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment.


Clock Widget

Clock Widget

Idle Widget
Idle Widget
Reminder Widget

Reminder Widget

Dance Widget

Dance Widget

Compatibility Note: The widget app is compatible with Windows Vista 32/64-bit and Windows 7 32/64-bit. Right now I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Installation (Applies to the untouched installer only from SendSpace):

1. Download the file from SendSpace. The file is named “install_premium.rar”.
2. If You’re unsure, scan the file with your favorite anti-virus.
3. Unzip the file. It’s a .rar file so use WinRaR.
4. Locate and run the file “install_premium.exe”. It will download the files needed (approx. 106MB, so pause your downloads first and quit your facebook games).
5. After downloading the setup files, Installation will run automatically. It’s in another language, you’ll see “?????” or “/” a lot of times since it’s in korean. There are 2 buttons and always choose the first ones (as usual… it’s Next, Back, Cancel and Finish)
6. Once the installation is finished, the Widget will run by itself, and run everytime you start windows.
7. Configure and play with the widget. For configs, follow’s procedure (link below, in credits)

Tip: To disable it from startup, press “Windows Key + R” or simply “Run” command. type in “msconfig” then click the “Startup” tab. In the Startup tab, you’ll see an entry named “hahaha”, uncheck it. Then press Ok/Apply. That should do it.

xtunix told me that the installer doesn’t work anymore, or that the installer doesn’t download the required components to make it work. So, to his suggestion, I decided to upload the installed-already .rar files… However, I’m not really sure if the SendSpace installer doesn’t really work anymore since I haven’t tried it myself. If you want, you can still download it at your own risk.

Full Credits to SNSDKorean
-You guys should also check it to read more about the widget (if you’re not satisfied with my instructions and wants to make it clear.)

Installation (Re-uploaded “Installed-already” version):

1. Download the two files from my 4Shared account here: 4Shared: .001 | .002 | 106MB
2. Place both files (.001 and .002) inside a single folder (example: My Documents\HAHAHA\)
3. Join the files using HJSplit
-Open HJSplit.
-Click “Join”.
-Click “Input File”.
-Locate “hahaha.rar.001” and click open (Don’t bother locating “hahaha.rar.002”, HJSplit automatically finds it for you if you really put both files together inside a single folder).
-Click “Start” and wait.
-Once done, exit HJSplit and navigate to the folder (in this example, we used My Documents\HAHAHA\)
-Once you’re there, you will notice a new file named “hahaha.rar”. This is the file I have installed and backed-up. Open it using WinRaR, and extract it inside the same folder.
-Once done, navigate to the new file and run the “hahaha.exe” file.
-If you want to automatically run when you start windows, just copy and paste it to your syatem’s Startup folder (in my case: “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup“)

just a reminder, the re-uploded files are uploaded by myself, not anyone else, not a hotlink or what… and also, please remind me if it work, coz’ it’s important for me to know if it will work…

Last Edited: Sunday, September 19, 2010

|> Girls’ Generation – HaHaHa

Black SONE

Recently, my Mom managed to buy me the computer set I’ve been dreaming of, for Gaming, Multimedia, Programming and other things I can use it to in school. Overall, it’s worth 60,000PHP. A bit pricey just because it has almost all the latest in the market, specially the processor which is an Intel Core i7, a recently released powerful quad-core processor.

– Black Honey –


CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
MOBO: Intel Bulk DX58SO
RAM: 6GB Tri-Channel Corsair XMS3
GPU: PowerColor Ati Radeon HD4850 Play!
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB S-ATA
PSU: Hec Cougar Series 700CM 700Watts
ODD: LG GH22 Super Multi DVD RW
CASE: Antec 300 Versatile Midtower Gaming Case
LCD: Samsung SyncMaster 943snx 18.5″
MOUSE & KEYBOARD: Logitech EX-100


OS: Microsft Windows Vista Eternity 2009 x64 (modded by Rockers Team International)



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Samsung F480 – A Quick Review

Hi all..! Today I’m gonna let you join me unboxing and checking out my newest mobile phone, the Samsung SGH-F480.
Basically, this is considered one out of many iPhone killers in the market, and of course, if we say “killer”, that means there’s some killer features this phone has.

First announced on February 2008 and better known by many as the Tocco, this phone kicks off the market with a 5-megapixel camera and touchscreen interface. The 5-megapixel camera can do almost anything as a typical camera has nowadays, such as smile shot, panorama shot, etc. Also, it can record 15fps videos in QVGA resolution, enough for daily uses specially if you’re a blogger. There’s a service called ShoZu wherein you can easily write posts and attach images and videos to your blog straight from your phone.

Although it lacks Wi-Fi, you can still make fast web connection via its HSDPA function which runs at a maximum 7.2mbps bandwidth rate, fast enough to download new multimedia goodies from the Samsung Fun club service. This phone is equipped with HAPTIC TFT touchscreen display, that can render 256 thousand colors, plus a vibration feedback, so you’ll have to use your thumb instead of stylus, and feel the vibration feature.

The F480 uses a propriety software called TouchWiz. It is designed specifically for touchscreen phones so all you have to do is to get used to it. Video-call is there and a second front VGA camera is present, but does not allow you to take photos from it. The Audio player is built well enough. It can arrange your music catalog from Artists, Genres, Albums, Year, and so on, so make sure to always check your tags. The audio player can read MP3s and AACs, at a maximum storage of 16GB, aside from its built-in 226mb phone memory, via its MicroSD slot hidden to the left side of the phone.

The phone is as thick as a AA battery and resembles a lot like a credit/ATM card. This chic design is targeted mostly for female and feminine-like guys. Because of its small size, you can easily slip it in your pocket, just like a wallet. The F480 is generally considered as a younger brother of the SGH-i900 Omnia, as they share the same interface and most features, while the Omnia has a lot more such as Windows Mobile and a larger screen.

It came up with a free 2008 Beijing Olympics backpack. Unboxing the phone will give you a lot more included accessories such as an extra leather case and some more typical accessories such as the PC Suite, stereo earphones, USB data cable, etc.

After all, it depends on you’re everyday use. The TouchWiz has surely something it can show off, but to my experience, it is in fact as easy as what I’ve expected. Everything is user-friendly. The screen response is so great, but if you aren’t satified, you can always modify it via its system option. Although the lack of QWERTY keyboard is a downside, the built-in keyboard is still understandable. It fails occasionally but you can always cope up with it. Sending text messages can surely take you a few more seconds slower than a regular cellphone with a physical keypad. Well, that’s how touchscreen phones does. But at least it is responsive enough. Video playback can be best enjoyed to video files with a file extension of .mp4 and is decoded in Xvid (MPEG-4), with a resolution of 320×240, 400~1000 kbps bitrate, 44100 sample frequency and 192Kbps audio. Of course, there are some other alternatives such as the low-quality 3GP video files. However, the mentioned settings of MP4 video files is still my best advice, specially when watching movies.

The bulit-in web browser, NetFront, can do its thing well. It wasn’t flexible enough. And if you’re not satisfied then you can always download a version of Opera and Opera Mini, which is comercially free. The only installed game is Photo Puzzle, where you can also load your own photo from your memory with a resolution not higher than VGA. If you’re bored then you can try to download games via its internet browser.

What else is there? Bluetooth 2.0, yes. InfraRed? no. But if you want the real goodies, then just plug in your phone to your computer and start copying your favorite MP3 files, as well as good wallpapers and even movies.

The life cycle of this phone can be predicted to 10 years, well atleast for me. The hardware quality is good enough. The silver glossy finish looks so classy, but soon enough, like half a year, it will start detaching and will definitely make this phone ugly. But the time all of those glossy finish detached, soon this phone will completely be colored black, and it’s fine in my opinion. The screen can endure so much that it can resist some scratches and the constant tapping. The overall case is made of stainless steel. The battery which is Li-lon 1000 mAh can let you talk 250 hours until getting drained.

Overall, this phone surely is an iPhone Killer, atleast for now.

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