2009 | Prototype


Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Engine: Titanium Engine
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
First Released: June 9, 2009 (NA)
Genre(s): Action (Sandbox-Style)
Mode(s): Single Player
Played On: Microsoft Windows

– Okay, I don’t have PS3 nor X360, but sooner or later, i’ll buy one of the two… the game is actually made by Radical Entertainment, the one responsible for my non-stop addiction to the newer Crash Bandicoot series… basically, the game looks a lot like spiderman, for climbing buildings, jumping like there’s no tomorrow, and the incredible Hulk, for doing a lot of destructive things in the city of new york… but really, it’s more than just those comic heroes you always knew. Alex Mercer is more of a cyborg i guess? or something like a human, experimented by a science laboratory and Ta-Da! “I Don’t Kill People” says Alex… to be honest, i don’t really understand the story/plot of this game… thats what it lacks… so it’s more of like a psychological action, since the main focus is Alex Mercer’s suggestions only. He even said that he don’t want to kill people, but, duh? he even destroyed the city xD ehh? the graphics? yeah, it’s realistic, with Titanium Engine… similar to Grand Theft Auto IV, they’re both Sandbox-Style Action game. Meaning, you could do a lot of free-roam in the city, ignoring those missions, and accept those other mini-games available, or just hang-out in the city, kill groups of people, shape-shift anytime, destroy the military bases, or help them kill the infected… oh, the games’ progress is based on the what-the-day-is-now-already, and how-many-percent-of-the-population-is-infected… one of the greatest things in this game is Alex’s skills… lots and lots and lots of upgrades… sadly, no multiplays, but it doesn’t matter anyway, since im not interested… also, this game is being compared to SCEA’s InFamous… i havent played that game, dont have ps3 as of now, but honestly, i don’t think i will get that game when i have a ps3. i guess, i got hooked up to prototype for some reason. but GTA IV is still the best sandbox-style action game for me, in terms of plot, graphics and customizations… anyway, atleast i got addicted to this game, still playing right now. so, let’s move on to some of my screencaps:

What Are You Lookin' At?

That’s Alex Mercer, looking’ at you xD i screen capped that since it’s great to post something funny here in my site. In the pic, you’ll see that two black guy on the front before alex, the other one is looking’ at the camera, and the other one is just walking synchronizely to the other one. So what’s the point? what’s the point? yeah, the point is, they’re identical… hahaha that’s the strategy in making games, as of now, to make lots of people that looks a lot like the other, or let’s say a “copy” of the other pedestrian of the other pedestrian of the other pedstrian and so on. funny right?meaning, there is actually only one original model for that guy, then they copied a lot of it to make lots of groups of people… anyway i understand, this is a sandbox game, and i think it’s hard to make things like this, or else, it’s just that the developers are lazy enough *laughs… it’s still funny coz on the right side, you”l see that other black guy, another twin of the two ahahaha… just with the different bottom pants, you’ll see another far from alex’s back… xD

Upgrades Menu

in this image, you’ll see lots and lots of alex’s skill upgrades available… to be able to use an unlocked skill, you have to use EPs (not Extended Play in Music huh…) you obtain when playing missions or killing military, doing mini games… with that, you could extend alex mercer’s unbelievable skills, like gliding, higher jumps, use hammer-like arms, etc.

You Suck!!!

this is a “YOU SUCK!” pic i took… really funny, like The Undertaker’s. anyway, pressing “E” in your keyboard will make anyone near you look like this hahaha… Click your mouse and alex will throw that person away just like in the next pic:

just like our spiderman, our alex mercer can jump and jump like doing some exotic mother fathering suicide… you won’t die… alex could only die when he is being attacked by the infecteds or the militaries…


and “glide” to destroy or avoid the helicopters, or just glide for fun, like surfing xD… what’s weird is that, i find alex, is afraid of the water? am i right? i tried to go swim in the nearest bay, but when i do, alex immediately jumps back to the land, can’t even control it… weird?

and so, the graphics… here are pics with lots of distortions for destructions… let’s take a look…

so the quick story is finally done… now, is time for the final judgement…

My Comment: one of the best sandbox style action to date, just beside GTA IV. very realistic graphics, for explosions and other elements, for a very unrealistic plot/story. lots of character skills, but “null” customization features. no multiplayer…
My Rating: 8.7/10

Official Site: http://www.prototypegame.com/

|> Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run (Japanese)

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  1. -=thedeadlysin=-

    gnda nga ng prototype..prng devilmycry…anu b ms mgnda devilmycry or prototype ?^_^ ng choke slam p yung bida huh ng civillian prang conte moves ..hehehe

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