1st Trimester… Done…!

Ok, so today was the last day of the final exams, and the last day of the 1st trimester in my 3rd year degree. And since it’s the last day, that we will be having our semestrial break later on, me and my kuyas (Jeson, John Michael, Jed, Jay, Darren, Carlo, Earl, Ivan, Jeff, Erolin) decided to have a great time today. we did… @SM. SM City Fairview is having a great deal with everyone, since they offered a 3-Day plus another Day sale. Looks like people who just recently got their income will be spending their money for good. There’s a lot of people so it’s a bit dizzy to lure around, and a bit more dizzier outside the mall, coz’ the sun sucks…

The first time we did, of course, is to walk around like there’s no tomorrow, until we reached our destination. What is it? it’s Gamer’s Site. It’s located in the upper ground floof the the new Annex extension. Why are we there? Oh, yeah? of course, to play our games! I did RockBand with Jeson. Earl and Darren played Resident Evil 5 again. Erolin, Jeff and Carlo, the three of them played on another PS3 slot for a Naruto game. Well, looks like i’m gonna have a good time today since i’ll be the drummer. We played Flyleaf’s I’m So Sick… Oh yeah, we rocked! and did the Metallica thing! it’s Enter Sandman… and guess what???

“I finished Enter Sandman on Drums in Medium difficulty!!!”

“I finished Enter Sandman on Guitars in Hard mode!!!”

really, the song made me stand up for a while, coz’ it’s fun to play it! we practiced and practiced until we nail those hard solos, and repeating drum beats… sadly, i didn’t captured any moment, picture or video) coz’ i’m really excited… i even wore my dustin dollin shoes…

til then, we go home safe and sound… I guess we will not be seeing each other for a while… well, i’ll just give my time to anyone who needs it… annyeong =)


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