[121609] “MARCO” – Bloopers

Vodpod videos no longer available.

BGM: Girls’ Generation – Him Nae! (Way To Go!)
Running Time: Approximately 4min 16sec

*This is a collection of behind-the-scene pictures and video clips of the movie entitled “MARCO”. This video is not available for commercial use.

We also would like to credit:

All the Girls of Section ST for their moral support. =)

*This is an independent film. Re-uploading, commercializing, is strictly against the rules. It is considered to be a violation to the respected owners, producers, directors, editors and artists.

*Originally, I was planning to upload it in Youtube, but about an hour after uploading, the video was banned. I later found out that it was because of the background music I used (Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” and Lamb of God’s “The Passing”) in editing that made it half-ly banned. The video can still be found in youtube, but audio is disabled. This is the third time I uploaded a video with copyright violation issues. One being Girls’ Generation Music Videos, and then Super Junior and Girls’ Generation’s duet MV S.E.O.U.L song. YT is really annoying T.T

*Again, please note that this is an indie film, made by college students as an activity for their degree (HUMA02 – Mrs. Austria – Section ST). Bashing is prohibited. Anti-fans are not allowed to loiter around. For more information, visit http:\\mistercomputer.wordpress.com


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