[121609] “MARCO” – The Movie

Alright, so we just finished making the independent film that we’re doing for quite sometime now. The title’s “MARCO”, and it’s about an illegal job, kind of inspired at gangster, mafia, yakuza movies and games like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, The Godfather, Yakuza, Mafia, and anime in the likes of GTO and Gokusen. The concept and story is made by Marvin Albert Mangubat, one of my comrades @ school (old classmate of my brother). Most visual effects and arrangements in the movie is made by, of course, Me, Dead Executives Inc. So here it is, the full movie.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Basic Details:

Movie Title: MARCO
Date Released: December 12, 2009
Genre: Gangster; Action; Comedy; Tragic;
Format: Independent Film Format
Camera Setup: (3) Multi-Angle Camera
Running Time: 15min, 17sec

Production Details:

Producer: Musica Productions Inc.
Director: Marvin Albert Mangubat
Sound and Visual Effects: Dead Executives Inc.
Arrangement: Joaquin Dayapan
Budget: Approximately PHP1000.00

Cast of Characters:

Main Characters:
Carlo Basas as Antonio (Older Brother of Basanio)
Ivan Bautista as Marco
Ken Dayapan as Basanio (Younger Brother of Antonio)

Supporting Characters:
Jay Rodriguez as Tiyo Ed (Family Relative of Antonio, Basanio and Ryan)
Joyce Camarillo as Tanya Chua
Darren Dayao as Ryan (Son of Antonio)
Jeffrey Peralta as Lance Chua (Younger Brother of Tanya Chua)
John Michael Conte as Father of Marco

Jeson Broniola as Gangster#1
Earl Locquiao as Gangster#2
Jed Mark Cabalo as Gangster#3
Erolin Elizaga as Gangster#4
Robert Panes as Gangster#5
Kevin Abad as Gangster#6
Andrew Flores as Gangster#7

Additional Notes:
We would like to credit all the Girls of Section ST for their moral support. =)

*Again, please note that this is an independent film, made by college students as an activity for their degree (HUMA02 – Mrs. Austria – Section ST). Bashing is prohibited. Anti-fans are not allowed to loiter around. For more information, visit http:\\mistercomputer.wordpress.com


*This is an independent film. Re-uploading, commercializing, is strictly against the rules. It is considered to be a violation to the respected owners, producers, directors, editors and artists.

*Originally, I was planning to upload it in Youtube, but about an hour after uploading, the video was banned. I later found out that it was because of the background music I used (Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” and Lamb of God’s “The Passing”) in editing that made it half-ly banned. The video can still be found in youtube, but audio is disabled. This is the third time I uploaded a video with copyright violation issues. One being Girls’ Generation Music Videos, and then Super Junior and Girls’ Generation’s duet MV S.E.O.U.L song. YT is really annoying T.T, I ended up uploading it in Facebook instead.


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