and year 2010 has just begun…

Alright so everyone is living their lives for the new year -2010- i am so thankful that my 2009 is so satisfying, snsd there, computer here, grades that, games over there, etc. i am so thanful that my family is getting stronger that what it was the last few years. so, on the christmas eve, we did a lot of things, just like what we had on the christmas eve. bu this time, we’ve got the coupls fresh from tayabas, quezon – ate theng and kuya doy WITH baby Thea of course. any idea how cute she is? of course she is cute… she’ll be the next generation of dayapan-antonio hybrid bloodline.


Although there’s a lot more times that she resembles ate theng’s childhood appearance, in some other way, like her attitude, she shows a real dayapan characteristics. she’s so cute actually, and everyone’s eyes are stuck with her. and here’s a good story. the baby really loves her mother so much, that she really looks up on her and ignores everyone who touches her or hugges her… but that’s not the case. the point is, she doesn’t cry when i hug her… unlike when everyone does… cool =)

And here’s what we did before and on the christmas eve (Image Heavy):


Wonder why i have solo pics? i decided to take some quick random poses because I’m the camerman this time, so no one could ever ever get in my way… xD

And the family that takes together, ignores the others hahaha

Who says kiddos in south korea are the only one who can memorize the lines and dances of super junior’s sorry sorry???

so that’s what we did in the new year’s eve… it’s fun… hope you guys do spend yours too… =)

More PHOTOS –here-

More VIDEOS –here-

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