[2010] Bullet for My Valentine – Fever

ARTIST: Bullet for My Valentine

ALBUM TYPE: Full 3rd Studio Album
RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2010
RECORD LABEL: Jive Records
PRODUCER: Don Gilmore
PROMOTIONAL SINGLES: Your Betrayal, The Last Fight
GENRE(S): Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Metalcore

1. “Your Betrayal”
2. “Fever”
3. “The Last Fight”
4. “A Place Where You Belong”
5. “Pleasure and Pain”
6. “Alone”
7. “Breaking Out, Breaking Down”
8. “Bittersweet Memories”
9. “Dignity”
10. “Begging for Mercy”
11. “Pretty On the Outside”

This record incorporates the band’s music in their 1st studio album, The Poison, and some newer material brought in their 2nd which is Scream Aim Fire. My favorite songs are Your Betrayal, Fever, The Last Fight, Alone and Begging For Mercy. In fact, they’re always in my music collection.

|> Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire


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