Well, I just sold my Antec 300 case last night, and bought myself this new case. It’s a case that something i’m looking for. I know you would say that it’s more like a downgrade than an upgrade. But guys, not that I hated my Antec 300, but it doesn’t have a proper ventilation to cool up my Core i7 rig… It’s just so lacking, though I admit Antec is one of the best brands out there, but VS-9 is surely a competing case. To sum things up, here’s my description and comparison:

AeroCool PGS VS-9 PROs:

– Lots of mesh and you can even put lots more fans (2x 140mm Top; 2x 140mm Bottom; 2x 120mm Front)
– Meshed bottom, so my HEC Cougar can breathe now ^_^
– Smaller and more compact
– Water Cooling ready
– Lots of internal drive bays
– 5.7kg versus 7.2kg (Antec 300; well there’s a reason behind it though)
– Security locks for drive bays and PCI peripherals

AeroCool PGS VS-9 CONs:

– 0.6mm Japanese Steel is not much to Antec 300’s (that’s why it’s lighter)
– Paint finish is smooth but keep it away from sharp objects (or the black finish will become silver!)
– The included fan (120mm) placed on the rear part is a waste of time and power so better take it off or just place it on the HDD bracket.

I was so surprised that my overall hardware temperature got better:


VS-9 has 9 removable drive bays, so any expansions, storage or anything you would like to install in your machine, can be done easily. For harddisk drives, VS-9 comes with plastic brackets where you can put your HDD and eliminate vibration. In fact, you can also attach 120mm fans on these plastic brackets. They can be easily placed and removed from the chassis by means of the so-called screwless design, which is the red-colored circle that you see in each sides of the drive bays.

My Radeon HD4850 card fits well in the chassis, just like my Intel X58 motherboard. However, I did some research first if my Deepcool Killer Whale would fit on it. Thankfully, it did fit with no problem at all.

The next big thing for me is whether to create another desktop build in the near future. I think X58 will be phased out soon, including the Nehalem microarchitecture. Anyhow, I wouldn’t be surprised if people will buy AeroCool chassis from now on, instead of the heavier brands out there. Thanks to AeroCool. VS-9 is completely satisfying. You can check out the full product specifications of VS-9 here.

|> Killswitch Engage – Life to Lifeless


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  1. nice mini review!

    post some temperature results after the Vs-9 and Killer whale.

    well balanced case Vs-9 is.

  2. sir ilan kasama fan nung case? thanks po in adavance!

  3. tanong lang wala ka pong front intake?

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