Thesis Final Defense—> DONE!

finally! I know, you want to congratulate me and my thesis partner, John Michael Conte. We did a great job, orally. The system might be not that too perfect to impress the panelists, but I’m so happy and so so so satisfied with my grades. Our system entitled, Transaction with Time-Tracking System for Myerix Internet Cafe, works like those you’ve seen in established computer shops like Netopi@ and Gbox. It’s written in Visual Basic 6.0 plus Data Reports and Office Access. I know, it’s too common, but we still did a good job. Thanks to all who helped us.

By the way, here’s the story. We showed up in the school 2 hours before the scheduled meeting. I brought my rig, Black S-ONE, and ate Anna’s laptop. ~~it was real heavy, that’s why we came up with a taxi. AFter setting up all, the panelists came and we started like hell~ Only 2 panelists came coz’ the other 4 weren’t available that moment. Well, the system worked great but, the panelists demanded some more features, so there’s another revision for the system. sigh~~ I thought it’s really done. Anyway, we expected it since the system wasn’t really 100% perfect. So we got home, took a deep relaxation, played some games, and another day came out ^_^

Here are some Behind-the-scene photo caps:

We took the following solo pictures just after the panelists came out to take a short (but turned out to be a long) break:

…and you think i’m wearing a white-colored stereoscopic 3D glasses in this Samsung stereoscopic 3D-wannabe LCD monitor?

…and you know what, here’s what happened after that tremendous 3-hour life torture:

So much for that, I’m so happy it’s done… As of now, we’re working for our thesis documents and the revision of the system. Hopefully we’ll finish it early ^_^


|> Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall


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  1. Michael Esteban

    Congrats brother! =) Computer Science student ka pala… 😉 ako rin! taking up masters, and part time comp sci faculty rin ngayon hehe

    – makubexXx here.

    • super thanks sir makubexXx ^__^
      siguro sir, big time na kayo ngayon? hehe… ako student pa din ee… konting araw na lang, tapos na term, then graduation ceremony sa may 🙂

      • Michael Esteban

        Congrats Congrats! Wohoo! pa Eyeball ka naman sa GG thread, tapos magpakain ka! XD …. sarap talaga pag grumagraduate =D hehehe… nako hindi ako bigtime ha…. pag graduate mo, send mo sakin resume mo, full time work ko eh dito sa makati (emerson) , baka pwede ka as associate software engineer or kahit anong related na field, i refer kita hehehehe ….. masterin mo sql (kahit ano oracle, mysql, sql server), vb asp c# (.net framework), etc…

      • hahaah sir grabehan aa xD

      • sir thanks huh… hehehe sige sir contact kita agad pag graduate ko super thanks talaga ^__^

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