Dito ko talaga gustong kumain ee…

“Dito ko talaga gustong kumain ee… nahihiya lang ako magsabi”

My almost-everyday training at Araneta Coliseum Incorporated (ACI) might be a bit tiring. From morning til’ sunset, I’m just sitting in a gas-lifted chair, staring at my computer, surfing the internet or coding my web app. It’s been a while already. I’m so happy I’m back to my training after that tremendous thesis defense a while ago. I missed every person out there. I missed my seniors. And i’m so thankful, they accepted me for what I am. It’s just so great to see them again, working hard as a team, as my superiors and mentors, and as friends. Well, in short, I’m back LOL.

When I go there, I always ride the bus. There are times I can sit properly but mostly I end up standing. The only thing I can do to avoid sleeping is to watch the view from the bus through the outside. I can see a lot of things so clearly. People busy looking for their ride. The peaceful St. Peter church. The workers who are working with that C5 extension in Tandang Sora. The Quezon Memorial Circle and the racing of cars in the Elliptical Road. GMA Network HQ filled with lots and lots of advertisements. UP-Ayalaland’s TechnoHUB gave me a very good view of what we call as “the future of IT in Philippines”. And lastly, we cannot forget Puregold. Every time the bus get passed on it, I find that little restaurant called “Harvey’s” very tempting to eat at.

And here’s their official mascot/logo:

According to my quick research, Harvey’s resembles Jollibee a lot. From their advertisement posters, the chairs, the tiles… The theme are a bit too similar. Also, they offer the same category of food just like in Jollibee. And here’s more, didn’t you realize that their mascot looks like a jollibee in blue? XD well, let’s not judge them. I’m still curious about this fast food chain. It’s totally exclusive at Puregold that’s why I’m wondering, what’s up with this fast food company. Well, what worries me is the tag line “Sulit sarap ang bonding”, a bit similar to Jollibee’s “langhap sarap”.

Whatever, I just wanna say that, we shouldn’t judge it for what it is. Maybe, it looked like a Jollibee copycat for now, but I can still feel myself, tempted to eat in that restaurant.

So, are we going?

Greetings to Mam Yolly, Sir Reyn, Sir Harvey (XD), Kuya Joseph and Ate Anna ^^
Here’s something you might enjoy to watch while spending your weekends:

Link for the video: Click Here


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  1. Yolanda Dagdag

    Thanks for appreciating us. I know it’s really tiring and at some point boring to be just given an e-book and IDE and study all by yourself not knowing where to start, what to do next and who will decide if you’re done already. Sometimes, you may also wonder whether you have done a good job for the day.

    Well, believe me, a single question that you answer correctly is so fulfilling knowing that we have contributed to your knowledge.

    • Thank you so much mam yolly, for everything. I learned a lot of things from you. I’m very satisfied…no… not just satified, but very pleased to be one trainee of yours… hope you have a very good weekend ^^

  2. hahahaha yeah . thanks for appreciating me even though i don’t know you yet or maybe the real you hehehe.. i think our OJT is too short hahaha. in this OJT.. I will miss the words of mam Yolly.. ” Joseph How’s your day? are you happy today?” , sir reyn’s Joke’s “the turtle” and Sir Harvey’s stories about progamming… hehehe God Bless us ..

  3. Nice blog, huh. Keep it up! 🙂

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