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DIARY | To a friend who’s always there for us…

You were one of the few
my family will always knew
You even once prayed
for the sake of everyone’s health
It was a total happiness
when you’re with us
like we were always blessed
a friend that’s a must

We will never ever regret
that you became part of this family
like a brother, like a sister
or like a baby if that’s better

Now you’re growing up
same with me and the rest of us
We will together conquer our fears
and explore how great the world is

Happy Birthday Pau ^__^


|> Bullet For My Valentine – Just Another Star

2009 | Resident Evil 5 (Preview)

Yes, Resident Evil 5. My 4th PS3 blu-ray game. I know it’s an old game already, and I have finished it in the PC platform, but in this case, it’s not gonna be a crap. My intention of buying the game again for the ps3 is to play it in co-operative mode with my brother, or with anyone who’s willing to play with me.

The PC version was great, yeah it’s great but lacks the co-op feature unless I buy the original game and play it online, and that was a duh. Another thing is, to increase my global trophy status in PlayStation Network, and I hope me and my brother could achieve the platinum trophy (and if ever, it would be my very first platinum trophy so far). Oh gosh, I’ve got a lot of games in-line to be played. After this and Dante’s Inferno, I will try my 2nd play-through on Dante, and if ever we failed getting the platinum trophy of RE5, then it’s time to retry. Then there’s Bayonetta and Mafia II and Assassin’s Creed II on the line also…

What’s so great about the console version is the Co-op mode. That means, I can play the game, hunt trophies and enjoy every gory scenes of the game with my brother and sister. In fact, they learned a lot in this game. We’ve finished and PLAT-ed the game well.

Found this old screenie of my Resident Evil 5; PC Version Benchmark:

Intel Core i7 920 2.67GHz with stock HSF
Corsair 6GB DDR3
Intel X58
ATI Radeon HD4850
HEC Cougar 700CM
Seagate Barracuda 500GB
All High in DirecX 9 mode

|> Good Charlotte – Counting the Days

DIARY | Rush Hour! Rush Hour!

So there are only few days left, and we’re out of school… and out of ACI. I will be missing these four important person who made my training worth a life. But before the drama, happiness first. And because I’m rushing out finishing my narrative report, I need some cool pictures first so I can put those on the document, and here it is guys:

As if I’m doing something really urgent ^^

The time these two pictures we’re taken, these people were talking about “chimpanzee”.

Reyn-boar-saur, kenokenopi, Harvey-saur all together FTW!

Here its is kuya joseph 🙂 Don’t forget, in the bible, Jesus Christ’ father is named “Joseph”, and Joseph’s father is named “Joaquin” and that’s a fact.


End of Story…


|> Bullet For My Valentine – Her Voice Resides

DIARY | Dear Dad…

Dear Dad,

It’s your birthday today. I know you’re happy there, even though you’re not with us. I am very happy for you, for all the good things and deeds you did back when you’re young and became a dad. Mom’s doing fine, probably she’s missing you. I bet she’ll cry for you these days, sadly we can’t be with her to comfort her. Kuya is doing great also. He’s getting more mature. I really love how he takes care of me now. Seeing him prepare my lunchbox, God my tears are starting to fall. Ate is studying again. It was nice seeing the two of them working hard. We will be visiting you tomorrow. It’s your 56th birthday, if ever you’re still here. We’ll prepare something good, if ever. There will be fried chicken and spaghetti, if ever. We’ll be playing Tekken, if ever. I may gave you any The Beatles memorabilia, if ever.

I just want you to know, Dad, that we’re fine. I know I did not completely became a good person. I have done and became a sinner, I broke a girl’s heart, but atleast I learned. I’m still in the middle of exploring the things around me. Just like you, I want to become a Dad, but not now. Not now coz’ I’m not yet ready. But if ever, I will try to do the things you did to us. I will study harder and work like a horse.

I wish you would always take care of us, now until you realize that we’re brave enough to handle ourselves.

Thank you Dad, and We Love You always…


DIARY | A day full of surprises

Wednesday. A day full of surprises.

There are a lot of things that were surprisingly happened this day. I’ll tell them one by one.

First off, since it’s Wednesday, my time is half-ly dedicated to my training at ACI, while on the afternoon, I should go attend my PHYED01 class. My original plan was to go home first, so I can change clothes, eat lunch and get my sister’s money, so I can buy her the flashdrive she wants to. Around 10AM, I was busy on my training when someone send me an sms message, saying “Sir selling bayonetta po”, with the number +63926721243. The message surprised me. I did not expect that I can have a chance to buy that game now, as in right now. I asked how much (she) would let me buy it. (She) told me it will cost me 1.2k. I asked her if we can meet at Gateway mall or somewhere in Cubao area. (She) told me (she) can’t, but Trinoma is okay, and her name’s Cristine. So I replied back saying that I would avail it now, and will do meet her in Trinoma around 1~2PM. After my training, I hurried up to the Cubao MRT station for a ride. Gosh… it was my first time alone at an MRT unit. While riding on it, I was serious on the outside, while very happy on the inside. Until I reach the North Ave. station, I came out hurriedly and go straight to Trinoma. I remember, I told her that we should meet at McDonald’s on the ground floor. So I came there and waited for her, and her sms replies. But guess what, I’m waiting for so long now, like almost an hour. Her latest sms was “papunta na po”, and i’m getting bored looking at the appliance spree on the center of the mall. I even saw Girls’ Generation’ OH music video on 5 High Definition LCD TVs by LG. Another 10 minutes passed, and I’m feeling strange already. There are many things coming in to my mind, like, “Am I being scammed?”, “Is this another form of a modus?”. Oh well, I guess I can’t help it. I waited til’ 2:30PM, I even ate a quick meal at McDonald’s, I’m already late at my PHYED01 class, so I decided to go through one of the exits of the mall. On the way, I saw American Boulevard, I stopped by for a while. When I came out, I got shocked! I saw some big-fat guy, medium-dark skin, holding a woman’s bag, running on the way to the exit gate. After him was some group of men, in a rush, and shouting “harangan nyo! mga pulis kami!”. After hearing that phrases, my heart started to beat extremely fast. What’s more is that the stores, including American Boulevard, started to close their doors or whatsoever. I saw the guy running, almost 7 feet away from the police men. The funny thing about the situation is that, instead of getting out of the mall through the exit, I saw him running through the comfort room! That was a total joke, really. Finally he got caught, but me, I’m still this guy waiting for the seller. I came back coz’ I get confused if the seller was there already. Well, there’s nothing special the time I arrive again to the meeting place. Then I really decided to take the taxi and go to school. While inside the taxi, someone called me with this number “029001112”. I answered it, and it was actually the seller. She’s apologizing for her being so late. She told me she’ll be there in McDonald’s a minute or two. I decided to come back again and wait for her. I wait about 20minutes, and I’m so late at my class. It’s already 2:50PM, and I keep on calling the same number. Finally, a lady with a man and an infant came. I was sitting in one of McDonald’s. I saw the lady holding something like a blu-ray or what. She saw me too. We had a quick conversation. Finally, the deal’s done and quickly, I go straight to school, forgetting of passing by the house, coz’ I’m really late.

At school, my classmates were already taking up a quiz, so I decided to join them quickly. Thanks to my classmate/friend Cristine of section ID. She helped me pass that quiz. Oh God, I’m starting to get some popularity now, after that CoolPals performance. My classmates, including Cristine, praises me about my costume and how cute I am during that funny performance. She also said that she loves Girls’ Generation too. hmmm… After class, I came home hurriedly.

I arrived in my house around 4:30PM, and quickly took my sister’s money. I ride a taxi again so I can get into SM Fairview quickly. There, I saw Ate Xy and Kuya Ian a.k.a. my Mom and Dad, shopping together. I came straight to PChub, so I can buy this SanDisk 8GB Cruzer slice flash drive. I saw kuya Ryan in there so I asked him about it. He told me, they don’t have stock for the Cruzer Slice today, and gave me Cruzer Blade instead. Well, I guess the Cruzer Blade is somewhat more appealing, specially to my sister. I bought it for 650 bucks.

Also, I bought 12 DVD-Rs on CD Options. Then, I go downstairs to reach Dunkin Donuts, so I can buy a dozen of it. My sister told me to buy there. I also bought a pirated copy of Legaia 2 for the PlayStation 2, coz’ my big brother wanted it.

|> Bullet For My Valentine – Her Voice Resides

DIARY | OJT’s about Eating

Tuesday. A fair day. Quiz in the morning, training in the afternoon.

Scenario 1: Quiz in the morning.

I woke up this morning around 7:30AM to wake up my big brother first, so he can prepare my lunchbox. After waking him up, I came back to bed for a quick nap. Finally, my phone alarmed me, which means that I need to get up now. I took a bath, prepared myself, my things, and came to school around 9:10AM. I remember, we have a quiz today so I hurried up taking some quick glimpse on my lecture notes. After the class, it was 10AM, we go straight to ACI.

Scenario 2: Training in the afternoon.

Finally we arrived to my beloved ACI, and it was only Sir Harvey and Kuya Joseph inside in that moment. I asked, where’s Mam Yolly and Sir Reyn. “Nasa Meeting“, Sir Harvey whispered. Oh well, I should just go back to work. That is, learning how to use KeyPress event controls in Visual C#. At 12noon, we ate our lunch in the pantry. I was very surprised at how heavy my big brother pack lunch for me. It took me a while to finish it.

After lunch, we all came back to work. Then later on, Mam Yolly and Sir Reyn arrived, from meeting. Also, later that day, Mam Yolly gave us our new set of task, that is, to convert those Use Case document files to Test Case ones.

Bonus Scenario: “Ang Pambihirang Pakain ni Sir Reyn“.

Everyone’s so busy. The atmosphere was like… “me~ehh“. I can prove how serious we are, the noisy sound of keyboards. The tiling sound of mouse clicks, etc.

Finally, the moment to change the atmosphere. The moment that was so unforgettable. Around 4:30PM, the usual time for ACI employees to eat meryenda, Sir Reyn surprised us with FOUR BOXES of pizza hut must-have dishes, and some drinks. It was awesome, not just the pizza, but the atmosphere was great, for everyone’s comfortably talking to each other. What was more unforgettable was the moment I was being interviewed about my love life. I can’t stop smiling, at the same time, trembling.

Sir Reyn’s treat, whether it’s real that it’s his birthday or some sort of celebration, I really want to congratulate him. I hope he’s at home now, thinking back how good his day was. Same with me, even though there are things that for me that wasn’t right, or a total failure, still…the day was fun. I hope you guys too.

Quick Edit: There’s a failure yet funny thing happened today. It was the telephone-kabilang-room incident hahaha… Someone called (probably an employee) on the phone, looking for Mam Yolly, then asking me if she’s busy. I told her that she is. I asked who’s on the line, but she told me to tell Mam Yolly to come over to the next room coz’ there’s an emergency, instead. After that, she hang up, and I didn’t have the chance to ask who she is again. How clumsy of me. 😐

Tonight I’m downloading this movie entitled, “500 Days of Summer”, as requested by Sir Reyn ^__^
And some HD videos for Dante’s Inferno coz’ I want to create a Fan made music video in tribute to the game, another project I guess.

Thanks God.

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – Let’s talk about Love

Weekend game time!

Saturday night was awesome. I was just playing my newly-bought Dante’s Inferno on my PlayStation 3 game console, while downloading some “good” demo games from the PlayStation Store. I downloaded the demo of Mafia II and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Oh My Gosh! I didn’t know there was a game like Uncharted! The graphics effects are very good! It’s like what Just Cause 2 is like, but I think Uncharted is better. hmm… This makes that game to be added to my wish list O.O

While the Uncharted demo made me like an owl staring at something that is really tantalizing, the Mafia 2 does quite the same. It wasn’t in the best graphics, but it performs so well. In the game, you can interact with ALMOST ALL the things around you. There, you can open the fridge, take some food and eat, check the calendar, collect some PlayBoy posters, what else? The vintage cars? OMG! Mafia II gave me some idea of how would these vintage cars looks like. Sorry to some fans, it’s just that it’s my first time playing a game from the Mafia series. The first Mafia in the PlayStation 2 just didn’t gave me the “love-at-first-sight” effect. Anyway, i’m so loving almost all the new games.

Right now, I’m playing Dante’s Inferno. These days might be very hectic; Final exams, then submission of the documents for my thesis, then there’s a seminar-thingy. But no matter what the level of that hectic-ness is, I can and WILL still play the games I want, anytime and anywhere.

An update from the US PlayStation Network. Proves that the Asian/HK PSN is slow in terms of updates, which sucks.

Sunday morning, I continued playing Dante’s Inferno while downloading another demo named Brutal Legend. Yes! The game where Heavy Metal rules! The game where Jack Black is a true hero! The game that made Ozzy Osbourne appear on video games the second time! The game that made “graphics-should-be-superb” gamers disappointed and made Heavy Metal fans-slash-gamers outrageous! The game that kicked out Rock Band and Guitar Hero for being too “over-produced” and proved these rhythm games are “sell-outs”! In short, the game that I want to play ^_^.

Back in Dante’s Inferno, I’ve already passed Acheron (The earliest passage through Hell), Limbo and Lust, after defeating each of its area’s boss. It was awesome, for real. Quite hard, though I only picked “Zealot” which is the Normal difficulty. The reason why I did not picked Hellish as my difficulty is that, well, I heard from the forums that it was hard, and… yeah, it’s hard. Zealot did a fair challenge. Dante can die, but Mana is forever infinite. This means that, I can use the Holy Cross thousands and thousands of times, ’til my DualShock 3 get broke. My last save point was after defeating Marc Anthony (and Mom just called right now) and Cleopatra. It was real hard to defeat these two. Finally i’m on my way to Gluttony, where the gluttons, or those people who are addicted to food, drugs, alcohol, resides in hell. In the Animated Epic movie (yes, I watched it this morning), Dante fought an evil worm-like monster called Cerberus, but I’m not so sure about the game if it is still the boss in Gluttony. But most probably, it is. The next weekend maybe my opportunity to continue the game. Anyway, it’s time for me to go to bed. I’ve got some things and activities to do tomorrow. Training in the morning, then a seminar (titled: “Truth about Hackers”) later on, and I’ll be the spokesperson, which sucks T__T

Goodnight everyone! Don’t forget our motto: “Born to Play”

|> Jessica & Onew – 1년 後 (One Year Later)

2010 | Dante’s Inferno

Alright, so yesterday, I had a very good training day in ACI. Around 3PM, I was searching TipidPC for almost all my interests (PC parts, programming, and PS3 games). I found something really interesting. That is, someone is selling off his Dante’s Inferno! I got excited coz’ he’s selling it for 1.2K only. It’s Region 3 and the greatest thing is, it’s a Death Edition one. So i rushed up, sending the seller a message, inquired about the blu-ray game and ta-da! deal set. Around 6PM, training’s done. I remember I told the seller that the meeting place should be in Gateway Mall. He said he’ll be a little late so I should wander around the mall for a moment. I tried windows shopping at Odyssey record bar and saw a lot of my favorite K-Pop artists’ CDs. Also, I saw a lot of my favorite metal and punk bands in that record bar, and there’s even Lamb of God’s latest release, Wrath. There’s also some copies of Trivium’s Ascendancy, Faith No More CDs and other rock n’ roll bands. I told myself, isn’t it 7:30PM already? So, I came out of Odysey and tried sending another sms message to Sir remotecontrolweekend of TipidPC. Later on, I started to feel like I should pee for a moment. On the way to the nearest comfort room, I received remotecontrolweekend‘s sms message, and he told me that he’s already in Gateway Mall. So after pee-ing, I rushed to the Lacoste shop in the second floor. There, I saw a guy wearing an Almost shirt. It was him. No, actually, it wasn’t him, but he’s Sir remotecontrolweekend‘s younger brother. He gave me the Blu-ray then, I gave him my money. We had a little chit chat then…deal’s over. It was fast, and thanks to sir remotecontrolweekend of tpc again for the game. I was really happy back then and I really want to go home already.

Around 8:30PM, finally I’m home. I setup my PlayStation 3, took some caps of the game, and then tried playing it for a bit.


Developer(s): Visceral Games; Artificial Mind and Movement (PSP)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Writer: Will Rokos
Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360
Genre(s): Third-person hack and slash, action-adventure
Mode: Single-Player
First Released: February 4, 2010 (AUS)
Native Resolution: 720P
Played On: PlayStation 3

My copy is Region 3 and is a Death Edition one. Dante’s Inferno was released with another special edition called “Divine Edition”, but it wasn’t a big deal though.

So back to the game, Dante’s Inferno is a hack n’ slash game similar to God of War series that is based on the poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Believe it or not, I’m very interested of the poem, since 4th year high school. It was one of the “many” topics I presented back in that moment, that’s why this game will be very familiar to me. I’m so familiar with the story, and the Nine Circles of hell and some other things involved in it. It combines Greek myths, ancient Italy, Islamic and Christian beliefs as well as the Arabic ones. So it was really a twist to me seeing Dante in this game, killing the devils instead of just passing it by (as depicted in the poem) to save his wife, Beatrice with the help of is co-Florentine poet, Virgil.

This game was heavily compared to fellow hack n’ slash games God of War 3 and Bayonetta. Well, I won’t say anything since, I’m good with GoW series will love Bayonetta once I bought my copy. All I can say is that, Dante’s Inferno tried its very best, and I’m satisfied with it. I guess, it’s just that it’s hard to make competition these days, especially, GoW has already achieved a strong fanbase.

The Death Edition includes the Blu-ray game, redeemable code, digital artwork, commentary and interviews, digital English copy of the whole poem and some other minor things like the box art. I love how the packaging looked like. It was satisfying, though it was just a box.

Lastly, here’s a Youtube video of Dante’s Inferno together with Slayer’s Raining Blood playing in the background:

And now it’s time for my personal ratings:

8/10 – it would be better if they use material other than paper. If ever the Death Edition was spilled with some water, well, it’s ruined. So my advice is, to keep your box out of your sight a.s.a.p.
Graphics: 8/10 – not the best graphics but still it’s enough to satisfy the current taste of the gamers out there. It has a native resolution of 720P, unfortunately.
Sound: 9/10 – I love the background music, I think it’s just “OK” and appropriate with the game’s atmosphere. It wasn’t perfect coz’ I think the developer’s can still give us a better one, it’s just that they’re lazy (as said in other forums…). And it would be better if the thrash metal band Slayer is featured in this game, i’m sure this will rock, right EA?
Gameplay: 7.5/10 – the gameplay is a bit too simple, that Dante can only use that never-get-some-rust Death Scythe.
Story: 9.5/10 – The story is the number one thing that made me buy this game first over Bayonetta. Coz’ I’m a fan of The divine Comedy, although some people, and somehow me, thinks that the game ruined the story, still, it’s worth the watch.
Overall: 8.4 – Dante’s Inferno is a great game for you hack n’ slash fans. I’ really sure you would enjoy it, even for a while.

|> Slayer – Hell Awaits

PlayStation 3 Slim Vertical Stand alternative for you

After CoolPals’ performance today at 1PM, we decided to take a rest inside an empty classroom (that’s room 201 I think). It was me, Carlo, Marvin and Ate Xy. We chitchat for a few moment and came up with something really interesting. That is, to make a music video of what we performed. We also decided to wait for Jef before filming. But then it took us a while already so, forgot the decision, and go home!. But me and Carlo, go shopping @ SM Fairview instead. We ate together at Chowking and then took a quick shopping. We go straight to CyNet gaming so he can play Bayonetta in an XBOX360. Then I shopped by myself. I tried window shopping at Toy Kingdom and then I saw this PS3 vertical stand. Well, it’s for the slims. Actually, the genuine vertical stands costs around 400PHP and it sucks, because, for 400 bucks, you only get that crappy stand. Well, in this case, it’s different. I know it’s not from Sony, and I know it’s not genuine, but most of the time, 3rd party accessories makes you more comfortable. The stand costs 499.00PHP, but the saleslady told me I can avail a 10% off promo that day, so to sum it up, it cost me 450 bucks. Oh, I forgot to tell you, it’s not just a vertical stand, but a 12-in-1 vertical stand for the slims!

Here’s the packaging.

And here you see it fresh from the box. It includes the stand, 2 mountable blu-ray compartments (3 discs per compartment), 2 mountable DualShock 3 compartments, 6 dust cap protectors (for LAN, AV-MULTI, HDMI, USB1, USB2, and blu-ray drive), and a cleaning cloth).

The dust cap protectors fits just right to my PS3, so… say goodbye to dusts!

Even though my one and only DualShock 3 controller has a silicon glove equipped in it, it still fits on the DS3 compartment.

And here’s what i’m talking about, the blu-ray compartment.

And some more captures:

This makes my PS3 cool and comfy ^_^

Believe what you’re seeing right now, it’s Girls’ Generations’ Run Devil Run (and not Red Dead Redemption!)

So how was it?
how about rating it?

Well, I could rate this product for 9.5/10
9.5 because, it’s almost perfect. The only downside is that it has a “too simple” design, just like what you notice in DuraBox products ^^

How about you???


|> Bullet For My Valentine – Her Voice Resides

DIARY | CoolPals’ Day

Today, 11th August 2010, was a great day. Actually it’s the D-DAY for me, Carlo, Marvin and Jef. I woke up in the morning at around 9AM, prepared my things, took a bath, then finally, got to school at 10:30AM. Carlo told me that we’ll be having a short rehearsal for our performance later on. I came to school and tried looking for them. I asked Mr. Awat if he happen to encounter Carlo and the other guys. He said he saw him a while ago. I tried looking for him again but no luck. I go out of the school campus for a while and wandered around Shell Select. While I’m on a sit, I saw a guy coming to the gate of the school from a jeepney ride. I told myself, “isn’t it Carlo?”. I rushed up to the campus and approached him. We had a short conversation, and I asked him, where’s the other guys. He said he didn’t know, and that he was there early in the morning, waiting for us and came back just now. We wait for a while, when suddenly, ate Xy came. We told him her about the situation. Well, what else can we do, but to wait for them. Finally, Marvin came, empty-handed. After that, we started practicing some of the dance steps we are going to perform. Then around 12noon, it’s almost the time for us to perform. Jefrey didn’t made it so it’s only the 3 of us now. We change costumes (girly costumes). I dressed up like how a combination of Gee, Genie and Girls’ Generation concept is.While Carlo dressed up like Nicole from Kara. We look really awful…and somewhat cute ^_^

Around 1:00PM, I started to feel nervous. To fight it, we keep on taking pictures with Ate Xy’s digital camera. I keep on dancing minute by minute. Sad thing, it’s only me, Carlo, Marvin and Ate Xy from Section SV are present. Then finally… at 1:30PM, it’s the time for us to perform…

Ohh, and I keep on trembling so much… so here are some of the pictures and fantaken videos (as if we have fans ^^):

[to be uploaded soon]

During quick rehearsal at penthouse.

Some pictures fully credited to Ate Xy