Oh no! My Samsung F480’s no more a Virgin!

Last week, my phone malfunctioned. I know it has something to do with the hardware, coz’ if it’s in the software, then i’ll be the one to repair it instead. So, last August 1, 2010 (right, it’s Tiffany’s birthday), I came to SM Fairview to make a check-up and at the same time, repair this phone. I’ve gone to the following shops in CyberZone: Techno Mobile, BSD International, and all they say is that, there’s a short circuit in the phone itself, and it would cost me 700~800 PHP. It’s quite believable, since the problem of my phone is that, everytime I insert the battery, it automatically turns on like hell, then turns off after a few minutes, then sometimes, rapidly pushing in the End button. But the problem is, they told me, I should just bring it to the Samsung shop. In short, they’re not capable T__T. The next shop which is I really became disappointed is, TwinLine. That shop made me argue with the technician. He said it’s in the program, and it needs to be reprogrammed. F*** ’em! Sorry for that bad word.

So, the next thing is to look for another store and inquire. I tried this up-start cellphone shop called “C.CellZone” and I immediately asked the technician if he could fix my phone. First, we did some talking. He asked me about the symptoms, and commanded me to remove the memory card, coz’ he told me that it is possible that there’s a virus, though it’s very unusual. He told me that maybe there’s a corrupted system file and we did a Master Reset of the phone. We observed the phone for a while, and he said that if ever it happens again, it’s in the hardware, that maybe there’s a so-called “corrosion” in the flex or in any of the inside parts of the phone (Note: Corrosion are dust/damages that can be found in flex and other ICs and circuits of any electrical machine). So, the phone turned well, and he did not asked me for anything. I came home and tested the phone. It works. I turned it off then tried removing then inserting the battery, when suddenly, after inserting it, the phone automatically turned on! This is EPIC crazy!… I told myself, I should just bring it back in the repair shop and totally ask the technician to repair it as much as he could.

So, I came back last Wednesday and told him what happened. He told me, maybe there is really a corrosion in the flex of the End key, and that it is most likely that it became wet and then dried. We also did a short conversation about the other stores I asked out, and that he is aware that some of those are real scammers, that they’ll cost you so much and they’ll even do the wrong thing. After a few moments, he did the thing, opened the insides of the phone (and that’s why i’m saying it’s no more a virgin), and tried observing the whole parts. I saw all of it. I was amazingly staring at the parts, that they were just like that, so thin and small, packed inside the housing of my phone. The technician, Kuya Rick, was just using a set of screwdrivers and a mini scalpel. Finally, we happened to see the flex and, it’s confirmed, the flex has dust! We’re very sure that water came inside and ruined the flex. After that findings, he immediately cleaned up the corrosion while I’m enjoying to watch him clean it, as if I’m gonna try that out xD. Finally, he tried testing the phone again after assembling its, and everything worked out as expected. I’m so happy it’s working again. He told me it’ll cost me just PHP250. I’m so amazed… “akala ko wala ng technician na humble, magaling at hindi mandurugas…”, and it was just him that proved me that I’m wrong. I did the right thing. Even though C.CellZOne was just an up-start, cheap-looking store in contrast to the other cellphone shops I mentioned, atleast they’re doing their thing in a very good way. I’m so pleased. And quite excited to make a copy of The Big Four Tour Liva @ Sonisphere to my phone. Thanks to Kuya Ricky and the rest of C.CellZone. And here are some stolen shots ^_^

…and here’s something to tell you that I’m not joking when I said it cost me PHP250.00

I’m really happy my phone was respawned and working well again. And I would like to recommend Charle’s Cellzone, specially Kuya Rick for bringing back my phone to life again. If you are looking for repairs, just contact him @ 09217228814. Thanks ^^

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  1. rick is really a good guy he’s a trusted one
    he done repairs of my 5 cellphones and its all great working till now
    and he dont ask me too much for the cost repairs.
    u can reach him in SM FAIRVIEW at C.CELLZONE SHOP.
    his name is rick… or fred to his co employee.

  2. Keep up your good work Rick & I know that God is always watching you & to guide you in a good way of living. Cheers!

  3. Frederick Omagtang

    thanks po maam NHIDZ and maam MELISSA thanks po sa tiwala Ito na po new no. ko 09999577833 have a nice day po

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