DIARY | …and suddenly

Today’s monday, and i’m back in training @ACI again. Last night was fun, with my classmate Carlo. We finally made some steps for our jerky-to-be performance on wednesday. I hope it won’t turn bad. I’m a bit tired, but I still did some surfing on the internet ’til 1am, ’til I get so sleepy. I left my download (Tekken 720P) and music turned on while sleeping. I woke up around quarter to 7am and did that and this. Then finally, got my ride @ around 7:50am. As usual, it’s an early monday ride so I won’t expect any seat for me. I didn’t even notice the “Harvey’s” in Puregold in Tandang Sora. I was serious while fighting to stay awake when suddenly, I’ve got my seat. After passing the Elliptical Rd. the bus continued to Timog Ave.. I was sleeping back then, when all of a sudden, I heard some guy shouting like hell. I opened my eyes and noticed that the other passengers looked shocked and were also looking at the front area of the bus. I began to sit out and see what’s happening. It was the bus’ driver and another person who happen to drive another car. I found out, there was an accident. The bus hit the other private car. But my theory is that, it was the other car that should be blamed. Well, I don’t know the other details.

Anyway, today’s training was fun. I have learned the uses and how to use validators and validations in ASP.Net. All thanks to the internet, and some advices from my seniors. I also gave them some copies of Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010 (be quiet to Microsoft huh). ~sigh~ no pictures today… Oh, and don’t forget Kuya Joseph’s Coffee incident and the non-stop Sir Reyn-Mam Maricel tandemn ^_^

Greetings to all!
Finally finished downloading Tekken Movie (HD 720P; 3.9GB)

|> BEAST – Shock


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