PlayStation 3 Slim Vertical Stand alternative for you

After CoolPals’ performance today at 1PM, we decided to take a rest inside an empty classroom (that’s room 201 I think). It was me, Carlo, Marvin and Ate Xy. We chitchat for a few moment and came up with something really interesting. That is, to make a music video of what we performed. We also decided to wait for Jef before filming. But then it took us a while already so, forgot the decision, and go home!. But me and Carlo, go shopping @ SM Fairview instead. We ate together at Chowking and then took a quick shopping. We go straight to CyNet gaming so he can play Bayonetta in an XBOX360. Then I shopped by myself. I tried window shopping at Toy Kingdom and then I saw this PS3 vertical stand. Well, it’s for the slims. Actually, the genuine vertical stands costs around 400PHP and it sucks, because, for 400 bucks, you only get that crappy stand. Well, in this case, it’s different. I know it’s not from Sony, and I know it’s not genuine, but most of the time, 3rd party accessories makes you more comfortable. The stand costs 499.00PHP, but the saleslady told me I can avail a 10% off promo that day, so to sum it up, it cost me 450 bucks. Oh, I forgot to tell you, it’s not just a vertical stand, but a 12-in-1 vertical stand for the slims!

Here’s the packaging.

And here you see it fresh from the box. It includes the stand, 2 mountable blu-ray compartments (3 discs per compartment), 2 mountable DualShock 3 compartments, 6 dust cap protectors (for LAN, AV-MULTI, HDMI, USB1, USB2, and blu-ray drive), and a cleaning cloth).

The dust cap protectors fits just right to my PS3, so… say goodbye to dusts!

Even though my one and only DualShock 3 controller has a silicon glove equipped in it, it still fits on the DS3 compartment.

And here’s what i’m talking about, the blu-ray compartment.

And some more captures:

This makes my PS3 cool and comfy ^_^

Believe what you’re seeing right now, it’s Girls’ Generations’ Run Devil Run (and not Red Dead Redemption!)

So how was it?
how about rating it?

Well, I could rate this product for 9.5/10
9.5 because, it’s almost perfect. The only downside is that it has a “too simple” design, just like what you notice in DuraBox products ^^

How about you???


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  1. Michael Esteban

    LOLS =) nice review .. GG boys FTW

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