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Today, 11th August 2010, was a great day. Actually it’s the D-DAY for me, Carlo, Marvin and Jef. I woke up in the morning at around 9AM, prepared my things, took a bath, then finally, got to school at 10:30AM. Carlo told me that we’ll be having a short rehearsal for our performance later on. I came to school and tried looking for them. I asked Mr. Awat if he happen to encounter Carlo and the other guys. He said he saw him a while ago. I tried looking for him again but no luck. I go out of the school campus for a while and wandered around Shell Select. While I’m on a sit, I saw a guy coming to the gate of the school from a jeepney ride. I told myself, “isn’t it Carlo?”. I rushed up to the campus and approached him. We had a short conversation, and I asked him, where’s the other guys. He said he didn’t know, and that he was there early in the morning, waiting for us and came back just now. We wait for a while, when suddenly, ate Xy came. We told him her about the situation. Well, what else can we do, but to wait for them. Finally, Marvin came, empty-handed. After that, we started practicing some of the dance steps we are going to perform. Then around 12noon, it’s almost the time for us to perform. Jefrey didn’t made it so it’s only the 3 of us now. We change costumes (girly costumes). I dressed up like how a combination of Gee, Genie and Girls’ Generation concept is.While Carlo dressed up like Nicole from Kara. We look really awful…and somewhat cute ^_^

Around 1:00PM, I started to feel nervous. To fight it, we keep on taking pictures with Ate Xy’s digital camera. I keep on dancing minute by minute. Sad thing, it’s only me, Carlo, Marvin and Ate Xy from Section SV are present. Then finally… at 1:30PM, it’s the time for us to perform…

Ohh, and I keep on trembling so much… so here are some of the pictures and fantaken videos (as if we have fans ^^):

[to be uploaded soon]

During quick rehearsal at penthouse.

Some pictures fully credited to Ate Xy


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  1. aww ..super like :))

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