2010 | Dante’s Inferno

Alright, so yesterday, I had a very good training day in ACI. Around 3PM, I was searching TipidPC for almost all my interests (PC parts, programming, and PS3 games). I found something really interesting. That is, someone is selling off his Dante’s Inferno! I got excited coz’ he’s selling it for 1.2K only. It’s Region 3 and the greatest thing is, it’s a Death Edition one. So i rushed up, sending the seller a message, inquired about the blu-ray game and ta-da! deal set. Around 6PM, training’s done. I remember I told the seller that the meeting place should be in Gateway Mall. He said he’ll be a little late so I should wander around the mall for a moment. I tried windows shopping at Odyssey record bar and saw a lot of my favorite K-Pop artists’ CDs. Also, I saw a lot of my favorite metal and punk bands in that record bar, and there’s even Lamb of God’s latest release, Wrath. There’s also some copies of Trivium’s Ascendancy, Faith No More CDs and other rock n’ roll bands. I told myself, isn’t it 7:30PM already? So, I came out of Odysey and tried sending another sms message to Sir remotecontrolweekend of TipidPC. Later on, I started to feel like I should pee for a moment. On the way to the nearest comfort room, I received remotecontrolweekend‘s sms message, and he told me that he’s already in Gateway Mall. So after pee-ing, I rushed to the Lacoste shop in the second floor. There, I saw a guy wearing an Almost shirt. It was him. No, actually, it wasn’t him, but he’s Sir remotecontrolweekend‘s younger brother. He gave me the Blu-ray then, I gave him my money. We had a little chit chat then…deal’s over. It was fast, and thanks to sir remotecontrolweekend of tpc again for the game. I was really happy back then and I really want to go home already.

Around 8:30PM, finally I’m home. I setup my PlayStation 3, took some caps of the game, and then tried playing it for a bit.


Developer(s): Visceral Games; Artificial Mind and Movement (PSP)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Writer: Will Rokos
Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360
Genre(s): Third-person hack and slash, action-adventure
Mode: Single-Player
First Released: February 4, 2010 (AUS)
Native Resolution: 720P
Played On: PlayStation 3

My copy is Region 3 and is a Death Edition one. Dante’s Inferno was released with another special edition called “Divine Edition”, but it wasn’t a big deal though.

So back to the game, Dante’s Inferno is a hack n’ slash game similar to God of War series that is based on the poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Believe it or not, I’m very interested of the poem, since 4th year high school. It was one of the “many” topics I presented back in that moment, that’s why this game will be very familiar to me. I’m so familiar with the story, and the Nine Circles of hell and some other things involved in it. It combines Greek myths, ancient Italy, Islamic and Christian beliefs as well as the Arabic ones. So it was really a twist to me seeing Dante in this game, killing the devils instead of just passing it by (as depicted in the poem) to save his wife, Beatrice with the help of is co-Florentine poet, Virgil.

This game was heavily compared to fellow hack n’ slash games God of War 3 and Bayonetta. Well, I won’t say anything since, I’m good with GoW series will love Bayonetta once I bought my copy. All I can say is that, Dante’s Inferno tried its very best, and I’m satisfied with it. I guess, it’s just that it’s hard to make competition these days, especially, GoW has already achieved a strong fanbase.

The Death Edition includes the Blu-ray game, redeemable code, digital artwork, commentary and interviews, digital English copy of the whole poem and some other minor things like the box art. I love how the packaging looked like. It was satisfying, though it was just a box.

Lastly, here’s a Youtube video of Dante’s Inferno together with Slayer’s Raining Blood playing in the background:

And now it’s time for my personal ratings:

8/10 – it would be better if they use material other than paper. If ever the Death Edition was spilled with some water, well, it’s ruined. So my advice is, to keep your box out of your sight a.s.a.p.
Graphics: 8/10 – not the best graphics but still it’s enough to satisfy the current taste of the gamers out there. It has a native resolution of 720P, unfortunately.
Sound: 9/10 – I love the background music, I think it’s just “OK” and appropriate with the game’s atmosphere. It wasn’t perfect coz’ I think the developer’s can still give us a better one, it’s just that they’re lazy (as said in other forums…). And it would be better if the thrash metal band Slayer is featured in this game, i’m sure this will rock, right EA?
Gameplay: 7.5/10 – the gameplay is a bit too simple, that Dante can only use that never-get-some-rust Death Scythe.
Story: 9.5/10 – The story is the number one thing that made me buy this game first over Bayonetta. Coz’ I’m a fan of The divine Comedy, although some people, and somehow me, thinks that the game ruined the story, still, it’s worth the watch.
Overall: 8.4 – Dante’s Inferno is a great game for you hack n’ slash fans. I’ really sure you would enjoy it, even for a while.

|> Slayer – Hell Awaits


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