DIARY | OJT’s about Eating

Tuesday. A fair day. Quiz in the morning, training in the afternoon.

Scenario 1: Quiz in the morning.

I woke up this morning around 7:30AM to wake up my big brother first, so he can prepare my lunchbox. After waking him up, I came back to bed for a quick nap. Finally, my phone alarmed me, which means that I need to get up now. I took a bath, prepared myself, my things, and came to school around 9:10AM. I remember, we have a quiz today so I hurried up taking some quick glimpse on my lecture notes. After the class, it was 10AM, we go straight to ACI.

Scenario 2: Training in the afternoon.

Finally we arrived to my beloved ACI, and it was only Sir Harvey and Kuya Joseph inside in that moment. I asked, where’s Mam Yolly and Sir Reyn. “Nasa Meeting“, Sir Harvey whispered. Oh well, I should just go back to work. That is, learning how to use KeyPress event controls in Visual C#. At 12noon, we ate our lunch in the pantry. I was very surprised at how heavy my big brother pack lunch for me. It took me a while to finish it.

After lunch, we all came back to work. Then later on, Mam Yolly and Sir Reyn arrived, from meeting. Also, later that day, Mam Yolly gave us our new set of task, that is, to convert those Use Case document files to Test Case ones.

Bonus Scenario: “Ang Pambihirang Pakain ni Sir Reyn“.

Everyone’s so busy. The atmosphere was like… “me~ehh“. I can prove how serious we are, the noisy sound of keyboards. The tiling sound of mouse clicks, etc.

Finally, the moment to change the atmosphere. The moment that was so unforgettable. Around 4:30PM, the usual time for ACI employees to eat meryenda, Sir Reyn surprised us with FOUR BOXES of pizza hut must-have dishes, and some drinks. It was awesome, not just the pizza, but the atmosphere was great, for everyone’s comfortably talking to each other. What was more unforgettable was the moment I was being interviewed about my love life. I can’t stop smiling, at the same time, trembling.

Sir Reyn’s treat, whether it’s real that it’s his birthday or some sort of celebration, I really want to congratulate him. I hope he’s at home now, thinking back how good his day was. Same with me, even though there are things that for me that wasn’t right, or a total failure, still…the day was fun. I hope you guys too.

Quick Edit: There’s a failure yet funny thing happened today. It was the telephone-kabilang-room incident hahaha… Someone called (probably an employee) on the phone, looking for Mam Yolly, then asking me if she’s busy. I told her that she is. I asked who’s on the line, but she told me to tell Mam Yolly to come over to the next room coz’ there’s an emergency, instead. After that, she hang up, and I didn’t have the chance to ask who she is again. How clumsy of me. 😐

Tonight I’m downloading this movie entitled, “500 Days of Summer”, as requested by Sir Reyn ^__^
And some HD videos for Dante’s Inferno coz’ I want to create a Fan made music video in tribute to the game, another project I guess.

Thanks God.

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