DIARY | A day full of surprises

Wednesday. A day full of surprises.

There are a lot of things that were surprisingly happened this day. I’ll tell them one by one.

First off, since it’s Wednesday, my time is half-ly dedicated to my training at ACI, while on the afternoon, I should go attend my PHYED01 class. My original plan was to go home first, so I can change clothes, eat lunch and get my sister’s money, so I can buy her the flashdrive she wants to. Around 10AM, I was busy on my training when someone send me an sms message, saying “Sir selling bayonetta po”, with the number +63926721243. The message surprised me. I did not expect that I can have a chance to buy that game now, as in right now. I asked how much (she) would let me buy it. (She) told me it will cost me 1.2k. I asked her if we can meet at Gateway mall or somewhere in Cubao area. (She) told me (she) can’t, but Trinoma is okay, and her name’s Cristine. So I replied back saying that I would avail it now, and will do meet her in Trinoma around 1~2PM. After my training, I hurried up to the Cubao MRT station for a ride. Gosh… it was my first time alone at an MRT unit. While riding on it, I was serious on the outside, while very happy on the inside. Until I reach the North Ave. station, I came out hurriedly and go straight to Trinoma. I remember, I told her that we should meet at McDonald’s on the ground floor. So I came there and waited for her, and her sms replies. But guess what, I’m waiting for so long now, like almost an hour. Her latest sms was “papunta na po”, and i’m getting bored looking at the appliance spree on the center of the mall. I even saw Girls’ Generation’ OH music video on 5 High Definition LCD TVs by LG. Another 10 minutes passed, and I’m feeling strange already. There are many things coming in to my mind, like, “Am I being scammed?”, “Is this another form of a modus?”. Oh well, I guess I can’t help it. I waited til’ 2:30PM, I even ate a quick meal at McDonald’s, I’m already late at my PHYED01 class, so I decided to go through one of the exits of the mall. On the way, I saw American Boulevard, I stopped by for a while. When I came out, I got shocked! I saw some big-fat guy, medium-dark skin, holding a woman’s bag, running on the way to the exit gate. After him was some group of men, in a rush, and shouting “harangan nyo! mga pulis kami!”. After hearing that phrases, my heart started to beat extremely fast. What’s more is that the stores, including American Boulevard, started to close their doors or whatsoever. I saw the guy running, almost 7 feet away from the police men. The funny thing about the situation is that, instead of getting out of the mall through the exit, I saw him running through the comfort room! That was a total joke, really. Finally he got caught, but me, I’m still this guy waiting for the seller. I came back coz’ I get confused if the seller was there already. Well, there’s nothing special the time I arrive again to the meeting place. Then I really decided to take the taxi and go to school. While inside the taxi, someone called me with this number “029001112”. I answered it, and it was actually the seller. She’s apologizing for her being so late. She told me she’ll be there in McDonald’s a minute or two. I decided to come back again and wait for her. I wait about 20minutes, and I’m so late at my class. It’s already 2:50PM, and I keep on calling the same number. Finally, a lady with a man and an infant came. I was sitting in one of McDonald’s. I saw the lady holding something like a blu-ray or what. She saw me too. We had a quick conversation. Finally, the deal’s done and quickly, I go straight to school, forgetting of passing by the house, coz’ I’m really late.

At school, my classmates were already taking up a quiz, so I decided to join them quickly. Thanks to my classmate/friend Cristine of section ID. She helped me pass that quiz. Oh God, I’m starting to get some popularity now, after that CoolPals performance. My classmates, including Cristine, praises me about my costume and how cute I am during that funny performance. She also said that she loves Girls’ Generation too. hmmm… After class, I came home hurriedly.

I arrived in my house around 4:30PM, and quickly took my sister’s money. I ride a taxi again so I can get into SM Fairview quickly. There, I saw Ate Xy and Kuya Ian a.k.a. my Mom and Dad, shopping together. I came straight to PChub, so I can buy this SanDisk 8GB Cruzer slice flash drive. I saw kuya Ryan in there so I asked him about it. He told me, they don’t have stock for the Cruzer Slice today, and gave me Cruzer Blade instead. Well, I guess the Cruzer Blade is somewhat more appealing, specially to my sister. I bought it for 650 bucks.

Also, I bought 12 DVD-Rs on CD Options. Then, I go downstairs to reach Dunkin Donuts, so I can buy a dozen of it. My sister told me to buy there. I also bought a pirated copy of Legaia 2 for the PlayStation 2, coz’ my big brother wanted it.

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