DIARY | Dear Dad…

Dear Dad,

It’s your birthday today. I know you’re happy there, even though you’re not with us. I am very happy for you, for all the good things and deeds you did back when you’re young and became a dad. Mom’s doing fine, probably she’s missing you. I bet she’ll cry for you these days, sadly we can’t be with her to comfort her. Kuya is doing great also. He’s getting more mature. I really love how he takes care of me now. Seeing him prepare my lunchbox, God my tears are starting to fall. Ate is studying again. It was nice seeing the two of them working hard. We will be visiting you tomorrow. It’s your 56th birthday, if ever you’re still here. We’ll prepare something good, if ever. There will be fried chicken and spaghetti, if ever. We’ll be playing Tekken, if ever. I may gave you any The Beatles memorabilia, if ever.

I just want you to know, Dad, that we’re fine. I know I did not completely became a good person. I have done and became a sinner, I broke a girl’s heart, but atleast I learned. I’m still in the middle of exploring the things around me. Just like you, I want to become a Dad, but not now. Not now coz’ I’m not yet ready. But if ever, I will try to do the things you did to us. I will study harder and work like a horse.

I wish you would always take care of us, now until you realize that we’re brave enough to handle ourselves.

Thank you Dad, and We Love You always…


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I'm Ken. Blogger. Programmer. Instructor. Gamer.

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  1. 😦 Nice letter for your dad. For me, I think he will read this.

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