DIARY | Rush Hour! Rush Hour!

So there are only few days left, and we’re out of school… and out of ACI. I will be missing these four important person who made my training worth a life. But before the drama, happiness first. And because I’m rushing out finishing my narrative report, I need some cool pictures first so I can put those on the document, and here it is guys:

As if I’m doing something really urgent ^^

The time these two pictures we’re taken, these people were talking about “chimpanzee”.

Reyn-boar-saur, kenokenopi, Harvey-saur all together FTW!

Here its is kuya joseph 🙂 Don’t forget, in the bible, Jesus Christ’ father is named “Joseph”, and Joseph’s father is named “Joaquin” and that’s a fact.


End of Story…


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  1. hule ako nag pe pesbuk hahaha

  2. post mo to sa IT SysDev group ha… nice pics…

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