DIARY | Last Day @ ACI

Alright so, yesterday was a big day for me. It was my last time @ ACI. If you don’t know ACI, it’s Araneta Center Incorporation, one of the biggest company in my country, they’re the one who built Araneta Coliseum aka “The Big Dome”, and the company I am working at as an intern. So to make the day soooooooooooo~ memorable, we prepared some little party with the rest of our seniors. Here are some pics:

This is the cake we bought for the mini-party | I’m trying to take home this Dell Monitor | This photo is taken at Goldilocks

Everyone’s so busy like they have no time to talk…except sir Reyn, whose always been a very good joker 🙂

Later on, the workplace became empty. They are all gone, including me.

Actually the people around here is busy, eating ^^. The first picture is the cake we bought (courtesy of Goldilocks, sponsored by Ate Anna)

In reality, this is a storage room | Sir Reyn: “Hehehe, let’s see how it tastes” | Mam Yolly: “Please, give me a half more”

Here are some more goofy pics we took during the small but meaningful gathering we had:

^ The guy over here is Sir Harvey Pogi aka Harvey-saur

Goodbye Pinocchio. Hello Jimmy Neutron!

The weather was actually good. We, the three of us, had a short window-shopping around Araneta Center. We’ve gone to SM Cubao, then Alimall and Gateway Mall.

Had a quick picture taking with the people outside the IT department | The only corporate-looking photo I had | Set of chocolates courtesy of Sir Reyn

Here are the things I will miss working as an intern at ACI:
1. The non-stop naughtiness of the “belly boys” (Harvey-saur, Reyn-boar-saur)
2. The telephone!
3. The pentium 4 system I’m using from the very beginning. The slowest among all the computers.
4. “Toot!” -someone’s out there!
5. Food-trips! ^_^
6. Facebook, YouTube, Facebook, YouTube
7. “How are you Joseph?”, “So how are you ken?”, “May bago kang movies?”, “DOTA”, “Good morning Mam, Good morning Sir”, “Where can you see yourself ten years from now?”
8. The Tortoise >,<
9. C# T___T
10. Mam Yolly, Kuya Jospeh, Mam Rhona, Mam Kit, Sir Jed, Mam Trina, Sir Mike ^___^

I will miss you SYSDEV 🙂

I will miss my workplace very much… T__T

Here’s the very best photo we had so far:

Thank you so much guys. Thank you mam Yolly, Sir Reyn, Sir Harvey. You were all a very good senior to me. Even though it was just 3 months, I learned a lot. I have something that I can be proud of, that is, I had a good time with you all ^_^. Please continue having a very nice bonding to each other. I’ll try to visit sometime. Regards to all the people of SYSDEV. Thanks to Kuya Saul for introducing me to Araneta Center Incorporation.

~End of Story~

|> Carrie Underwood – Don’t Forget to Remember Me


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  1. Wow! One of the best and inspiring post I read and will surely read over and over again.

    Thanks Ken!!!

  2. Infinite LIKE for this post. Kudos!

    We will also miss you Ken, more than you think you are missing the Girls’ Generation everyday. Haha. Regards and thank you so much! 🙂

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