2010 | Mafia II

I just finished this game (Story Mode) so now, we’re going to talk about my opinions and what I feel about it.

This game was released just a few weeks from now. I found out about this game through the Official PS3 Thread at TipidPC.com and a recommendation by a friend. MAFIA II is an action game in sandbox-style and with an open-world environment. It is, in some areas, similar to the games of Grand Theft Auto, Just Cause, Saints Row. However, it is not a copycat. MAFIA II introduced a different way to attract gamers, that is, it’s dark but superb story-line. I haven’t played the first game even if I have a PlayStation 2 system, but looks like my brother is aiming to buy it and play it. Mafia series is unique for having a 1930s~1960s story setting, that’s why the name. So don’t expect some hard-rockin’ songs from radio stations. Instead, enjoy Elvis Presley and The Beatles on it. Now let’s talk about the graphics. Here’s a video of my benchmark of the game.

This youtube video shows the performance of my system with all the highest settings possible in 1360×768 resolution and 62Hz refresh rate, with the exception of APEX PhysX turned off, since I’m using an ATI card (HD4850), not an nVidia card, and don’t have anything to act as my PhysX card. Play the video to see it. As you can see, my system is performing descent which is above my expectations. HD4850 is not yet outdated, still performing the magic. But having that APEX PhysX turned on will gave me much more graphical improvements such as better details in objects, and having a GTX480 card will also make me forget the dropping of framerates. The game is heavily nvidia card-optimized, which is in my opinion, proves that games nowadays are being “sold out” by these gpu companies to make sales and promote their products. They suck. I’ve used Fraps 3.2.3 to capture the game coz’ my existing Fraps seemed to not work. Also, I used the song “Misery” by Gallows, an English punk rock band, coz’ I’m into them right now.

Back to graphics, you can see how realistic the game than any other games. Just Cause 2 proved something in terms of graphics but later, disappointed me for having a boring gameplay and story. It was nice at first, action-packed, dealing with destroying of buildings and facilities, heavy usage of anti-aliasing and realistic environment, almost like what Uncharted is. However, the game lacks story and drama, which sucked. Grand Theft Auto IV, yeah, the latest main entry of the king of all sandbox-style action games, proved really really something the time it was released. 2008 is the year and it has created another huge fanbase. The game amazed me for having such a beautiful graphics, which in that time, is really surprising. GTA is back and with the best graphics around. One more thing is the DLCs, the episodic contents like The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Tony Gay, which is later released as a stand-alone game for PC and PS3. The Lost and Damned is my favorite, making it my Top1 game the time it was released. With those two expansion games, it killed my GTA boredom. Bikers, rockers, mohawks, punks and metalheads are what you can see in The Lost and Damned and you are controlling Johnny Klebitz, a member of a biker gang named Lost MC. Back then, when I play TLaD, I always have metalcore, thrash metal, hardcore punk sounds on my media player coz’ it really suits. After weeks of playing it, yeah weeks because I actually have lots of things in school that time, I finally finished it. It was awesome, the story and graphics. However, I felt sad, coz’ I will be missing playing GTA again. However, after 3 months of boredom, here goes MAFIA II.

Now, let us talk about the story. -Spoiler Warning- The game is set in 1950s and you’re controlling this superman-look-a-like guy named Vito Scaletta. You are poor, and you have a fatso friend named Joe. You guys are bestfriends and both love getting into trouble just for money. Your dad died and left your family with lots of debts. You are trying to find a way to pay those bastards and eventually, you got caught by the police, not just once but twice. You will met Leo, someone who will be your superman from here til’ the end of the game. Sadly, your mom died. After getting out of the penitentiary, you started working again as a made man with the three biggest “master of puppets” in your country and eventually made them angry to each other. You have friends who dies, including Henry, which you will find out later in the game that he is actually a “rat” by the authority, and Marty, a brat whose always been with Joe and you. You will later kill some Chinese guys after having a contract of selling drugs bought straight from them. However, the “rat” is actually a set up. You will also have to mess up with your sister Francesca’s husband. The game has a total of 15 chapters, each will give you mixed emotions for every scenes and happenings. The story, for me, is the best part of this game. However, gameplay will not disappoint you and you will end up praising it also. Gameplay is a modified GTA. You control Vito, smash-up vintage cars or just hack them up using a pick. There’s also a wide variety of guns, but sorry, no melee weapons here dude. Instead, you will be taught to fight with bare hands, which is somehow, same as the mechanism in Prison Break: The Conspiracy. A great thing about the gameplay of the game is the vast amount of interaction of objects. When I first played the demo in my PS3, I was amazed. You can turn on/off the faucet, the showers, the tv, you can close/open the doors, and something you guys will be amazed of, to collect PlayBoy magazines XD You can also talk to some people by pressing “E”.

As I have said, I just finished the story of the game, but still at 71% game completion coz’ I haven’t completed some collectibles and achievements. That thing, I will try to play the game again, since my younger sister is also playing it the time I’m writing this review.

Don’t forget, my final thoughts:

Gameplay: 9.5 -> The world outside is nothing but a display…
Sound: 8.0 -> In-game music in cutscenes are very good, but radio stations are somehow boring, but with the help of my Vitamin String Quartet collection, it will never be boring anymore.
Graphics: 10/10
Extras: 9.0
Overall: 9.125? ^_^

“A Very Good Game, Something That Could Kill My Boredom While Waiting For The Next GTA…”

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I finished the game (story mode) for 11 hours! Now it’s time to hunt some more PlayBoy mags ^^

~End of Story~

|> Sum 41 – In Too Deep


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  1. i agree 2…i started playing a few days back and i think its great compared to GTA

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