2010 | Amnesia, The Dark Descent

You want chills? You wanna get goosebumps? You want something that will make your head turn around and start screaming? Something that will make you nervous, tremble and pee on your boxer shorts? Something that will eventually make you say that “Resident Evil is not scary any more”, “the last Silent Hill sucked”, “Nintendo ruined Fatal Frame for making it an exclusive game for the Wii”? and lastly, something that could make you spend your Halloween earlier by yourself or with your friends? Okay, before anything else, here’s my top ten favorite horror video games for the last 18 years (that’s my age):

1. Silent Hill IV: The Room (2004)
2. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (2003)
3. Resident Evil 2 (1998)
4. Alien Trilogy (1995)
5. Silent Hill 2 (2001)
6. Fatal Frame (2001)
7. Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (2005)
8. Silent Hill (1999)
9. Resident Evil 4 (2005)
10. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)
Take note that this is my list.

The last three horror games I have played are Silent Hill: Homecoming, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 4. I played all three of them on the PC. Resident Evil 4 was originally released in the PlayStation 2. I have a PlayStation 2 and played RE4 before, but haven’t finished it until a ported version of it came in the PC. So far, the game gave a really big twist as it is more of an action game rather than a horror game. Anyway, there’s nothing important though, atleast it maintains the survival-horror genre. Same goes to Resident Evil 5. Well the game is good, played it on the PC first then when my PS3 came, bought the Bluray game and re-played it again. Silent Hill: Homecoming wasn’t that good. There are some complicated things in the game that, in my opinion, is better not include instead. Although it maintains the psychological horror genre, elements like the appearance of Pyramid Head while there is no significant reason why he appears are the very big downside, specially to long-time fans like me and my family. RE5 and Silent Hill: Homecoming is also a bit too short.

My three favorite horror games were Silent Hill 4: The Room, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly and Resident Evil 2. Honestly, I’m not sure what should be the first among the three of them. I just picked Silent Hill IV because it’s a game worthy to accomplished off even it’s already 5:00 in the morning. Those three games were all long, and have a very good story. I could say that Resident Evil 2 is an Epic Horror Videogame Classic, a game my family will always remember since it is the very first horror game we have played. Fatal Frame II introduced me to the world of Japanese horror genre, and I’m really really interested in such things. This is the type of game wherein you will probably be shocked everytime a ghost appears in front of you, a game with an unbelievable supernatural devices such as the Camera Obscura and the EVP.

Once again, my last played horror game was Resident Evil 5 on PC. The last time I played was just about 6 months ago, and honestly, I’ve been missing playing horror games a lot. All I have played since then were FPS games such as Modern Warfare 2, sand-box style games like Grand Theft Auto and Mafia II. Horror games are somewhat drugs to me. It’s the type of thing were me and my family bond together just to get rid and finish the game.

Finally, September 8, 2010. A new game titled Amnesia – The Dark Descent was released. It’s both a psychological and survival horror. My good impression of the game rose after learning that you don’t have to be good at shooting games when playing this game. I also heard that light is your only ally in this game, so you have to use tinderboxes or carry an oil-operated lantern with you, that makes darkness your primary enemy througout the game. One more thing, there is this ugly monster that were wandering around the location of the game, so what you do is to avoid yourself to be seen by it, or else, even if you run as fast as you can, you will still end up shouting and finally, sighing u.u I find this monster a bit look-a-like of Silent Hill’s “Lurker” and Resident Evil’s “Licker”. The game’s story revolves around things like scientists, mysterious underground cult, experiments, guinea pigs, things like that, somehow similar to almost all survival horror games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and ObsCure. I think, in this generation, this game is the real thing! After all these popular horror games turning to be action games and departing to their usual and key elements, this game will be my MOST FRIGHTENING HORROR GAME FOR 2010.

Currently, I’m almost finished with the game. Hopefully tomorrow night, I can enjoy reminiscing the events of this game. For now, let’s enjoy the following stuffs such as screen shots and videos I have captured so far.

See how the dark the game is? I’m sure you’re backing out now LOL


Dead Bodies…Dead Bodies…Dead Bodies…

What are those red thing-y? ewwww!

-spoiler warning- Wondering what those monsters look like?

It’s a dead body, but why are you touching it?

You even put something on its head!

Full of puzzles, and full of flashbacks…

Don’t worry, he’s not a monster, even though he looks like one! His name is Agrippa, and you’ll be helping him in a certain part of the game. Agrippa is being mentioned many times in the game through flashbacks and notes, but I really don’t know who he is and what he is…I just don’t care XD Anyway, he will be the most talkative guy in the history of horror games once you encounter him. Check my videos out:

Gameplay and exploration:

Interview with Agrippa:

…out of 10:

Gameplay: 10 – Love the gameplay, it’s new and simple. No need for FPS skill and strategy is what you need.

Sound: 7 – Though music and sound effects are scary enough, I find them very repetitive during the course of the game.

Graphics: 9 – Although It wasn’t as good and realistic as the other games, I could say that the graphics is enough to scare me. No need for improvements coz’ it really suits well.

Story: 5 – I really don’t understand the story, maybe that it’s very fictional. I would recommend to the writers to make it simpler.

Satisfaction: 10 – For a 1 gigabyte installer file, you’ll get this awesome game that could last for 3 days if you play it 6 hours in each day.

Scare-factor: 10 – It’s been a while when I last screamed just for a horror game, and surprisingly, the game did very well to make me scream

Overall: 8.5 – Well done!

|> Trivium – Kirisute Gomen


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