Jack Sparrow-based PlayStation 3 in a Mall?!

Last October 16, I brought my PC in PC Hub (SM Fairview) in the afternoon after I sold our copy of Resident Evil 5 for the PS3 in the morning. After settling some conversations and deals with PC Hub, we went to play PlayStation 3 on Gamer’s Site. There are a few things new here, I noticed. Hmm… Slims! yeah, back then when I was studying as a college student, just about a few months ago, the shop only had old Fat PS3s. I remember, we used to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero games there. At that time, with 60 bucks, you can play as solo for an hour and a hundred bucks for two players. Seems like PS3 rentals became cheaper and cheaper, almost like how PlayStation 2 rentals are in Circuit City. Now, you can play solo for just 40 bucks. So, we decided to play there.

A few moments later, I noticed what the heck is up right here. PS3 have custom menus! You can choose game! WTF! It’s jailbroken! Sesanghe… I never thought business guys would do this to my beloved PlayStation, I’m sure other fanboys out there like me will get angry as hell. I saw games listed like Dead Rising 2, NBA games, Resident Evil 5, Tekken 6, etc. Still, we continued playing while I took a sneaky snapshot of the “dumbness” I found.

Note: I’m not trying to ruin the name of Gamer’s Site. Actually, I’m an acquaintance of the store owner and managers. However, I do hate jailbreaks in PS3s.

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  1. Very inappropriate… grabe… just to save a few more bucks… at the cost of other people…

  2. The Pirates/Hackers have Won! Here Come’s PSN Pass.. 😐

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