DIARY | R.I.P.: HEC Cougar 700CM – May 2009-October 2010

October 15, 2010. I was on the computer, trying to configure Dolphin so I can play Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse flawlessly and downloading SungKyunKwan Scandal EP11 when suddenly, the computer turned off by itself. It was 6 in the evening and I thought to myself that maybe there’s a problem in our electricity so, I checked out downstairs. My brother’s watching TV while my sis is playing with my PlayStation 3. I returned back to my room and I notice why the heck my pc casing’s switch is still on “Blue”? I tried restarting and turning it on again. No luck. It has power just for a second then dies again. WTF happened to my PC?! I decided to leave it out for now.

The next day, I tried turning it on again but still, it does the same. I tried to ask the Ate Meg from PCHub Fairview if what should I do. She said I should just bring the unit there so they can check it. And so I did. I already had the feeling that the problem’s either on my Power Supply or the motherboard. Kuya Rhayan was the one assigned to look up and test my pc. They will contact me in 3 days after some tests.

Three days later, Ate Meg told me that it was the PSU. I guess I need to buy another one. However, Mom said I should just buy the new PSU next week. A few days later, I’m now ready to buy. I’m reconsidering the Corsair PSUs coz’ they’re so freakin’ expensive. I tried asking Ate Meg if I could just buy the same unit but she declined, and even Kuya Rhayan, because they say that in their experience, that PSU is really faulty and prone to RMAs. Too bad. I ended up to just avail the lower-end model HEC Raptor R500. :[

Rest in Peace
– HEC Cougar 700CM
May 2009 – October 2010

On the other hand, tomorrow my junkie HEC Cougar 700CM will be sold for 600 bucks for good. Bye ~


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