DIARY | Happy Birthday to my dearest Mom

Dear Mom,

November 3 is your day. Sadly, we weren’t be able to be with you. If we did, I’m sure we’ll eat lots of food and we’ll decorate the house just for you. Anyhow, we are always be here, praying for your guidance and health. I’m always telling God to take care of you everyday. Honestly, it’s time for me to pay back all the things you did for me in your whole life. 19 years, whether you suffered or you enjoyed taking care of me, still, you did very well and God knows that. I may be an imperfect son to you but whatever I am today, I will keep on thinking of you.

Now that your birthday is here, I really wish that you can keep your beauty all the way. Stay blooming and healthy, that’s just two things why Dad loves you 😀

Happy Birthday and we love you Mommy 😛

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – Dear. Mom

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