The Pinoy Rig Show

Dear Bloggers,

Ok, so now you’re viewing my newest segment here in my blog entitled, The Pinoy Rig Show. Basically, what we do here is to feature our filipino friends’ most-beloved Rigs. When I say Rig, we’re definitely talking about the Style among personal computers. Whether it’s a BEASTy rig or a CASUAL rig, or even just a SIMPLE student rig, just whatever it is, you’re in!

The Pinoy Rig Show will judge these rigs by the following:

STYLE – If you’re rig seems to be unique or trendy, you’ll get a high score all the way.
UPGRADE – If you’re system is able to take future upgrades.
SPACE – If you’re system can be operational in any condition and is not messy.

That will be the 3 criteria. I know you guys will insist why the heck I did not include any criteria that will measure the system’s performance. Here’s my explanation: I will never ever have the opportunity to try out the featured rigs. I’m just gonna praise and criticize there systems through how they look in the images and what hardware components they use. Honestly, it’s like I’m more promoting and featuring these systems to my blog.

Most Rigs featured and will be featured here will be TipidPC users, and together with their Rig’s image, I’ll include their TipidPC name. On the other hand, The Pinoy Rig Show will operate weekly.

-Mister Computer

List of TPRS articles, so far:

Week1 (101103): “Assassin’s Creed” –click here
Week2 (101108): “Infernus” –click here
Week3 (101119: “Assassin’s Creed II” – click here


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