2007 | Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

If you’re looking for games that will see what and how powerful your PlayStation 3 is, try this game out. It’s a game from Naughty Dog, yes the guys behind the super popular platformer games like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. You might see this game as a platformer game but aside from that, it combines Action-Adventure and Third-person shooting elements into one epic game.

Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre(s): Action-adventure, Third-person shooter, Platformer
Mode: Single-Player
First Released: November 20, 2007 (NA)
Native Resolution: 720P

I played this game very late. I mean, it’s been 3 years already. 2007 was the time this game released and 2010 was the time I played it (my brother actually). The gameplay is a bit similar to Naughty Dog’s earlier games like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, however, among these platformer games, Uncharted stayed away from the fictious animals jumping from platform to platform and instead, applied the platformer genre to a more realistic game with a combination of third-person shooting formula. Honestly, I haven’t played Jak and Daxter in console. As for Crash Bandicoot, it’s just one out of many games I’m always looking for, sadly, there’s no more sequels after Naughty Dog handed the franchise to various video game developers.

In Uncharted, basically, you control the protagonist of the game named Nathan “Nate” Drake, for his search for the lost treasure of El Dorado, which was hinted by his great grandfather Sir Francis Drake. You are accompanied by your friend Sully (Victor Sullivan) as well as Elena Fisher (a journalist). As the game progress, you should be able to pass various obstacles such as jumping into platforms, swim from lands, use ropes and wall-climbing. Aside from that, you will have to defeat hundreds of pirates on your way to finding the treasure, that is, by using various weapons/guns that can be found in the area. Also, you can try using melee attacks and execute combo attacks which is really a requirement so you can achieve some in-game trophies.

Graphics, on the other hand, is extremely admirable. You can compare the graphics of this game to 2009’s Just Cause 2. They both have some similarity and the fact that Uncharted is a 2-years-ago game than Just Cause 2, it’s easy to say that the game really is pretty impressive. Almost all the objects in the environment of the game are moving. Trees, the lake, almost all of it. Another impressive thing is the lighting effects, which you can easily tell that the graphics is super realistic.

Naughty Dog just did the right thing to coincide the greatness of the story and gameplay with the addition of its treasure-hunting-themed sound effects. It’s like you’re playing Tomb Raider or watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Anyhow, I’m still impressed, that the sound effects didn’t get in the way to the games epic-ness.

Here is something I could show of to you. Just made this video yesterday and uploaded in my YouTube account just a few moments ago:

This video features some story and gameplay scenes from the game, acquired from GameTrailers.com and background music from In Flames’ 2008 A Sense of Purpose release entitled “The Chosen Pessimist”. You can try watching this video directly from Youtube.

The Final Judgment:

Packaging: 10/10 – I love how the cover looks like and best of all, it has an image on the back of the title sleeve. Mine is Region 1, released for North America, same cover as the image above.
Graphics: 9.5/10 – The graphics seems so updated, even if you play it just now. Too bad it is only in 720P. I also noticed that the game loads pretty slow on start-up. Still, a very impressive title for a 2007 PS3-exclusive release.
Sound: 10/10 – I don’t know what to say. It just suits for the game.
Gameplay: 9.5/10 – The game utilized almost the best controls. A bit hard for a shooting game, but if you are used to Analog controls in console game, you’ll probably be one who could kill 10 pirates in just a sec. The game also have a high replay value, although you have to update your game with the latest patch to activate in-game trophies.
Story: 9/10 – The story, so far, is a bit common with the likes of Tomb Raider and the movie National Treasure. Still, the game managed to separate itself by adding some funny scenes.
Overall: 9.6

|> In Flames – The Chosen Pessimist


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