DIARY | Thank God It’s Thursday!!

Although it is true that the month of November is full of sadness and sorrow, still we shouldn’t let ourselves down from it. What I did today was something I’ve missed for a couple of days. I’ve been out of school for 3 months already and I’m missing the things I always do such as hanging out with my friends.

Today, I’ve gone to my college school to finish matters related to my graduation. After that, I joined my old high school friends in SM North and Trinoma. Together, we spent the time joyfully. We first go to Red Box, a karaoke center in Trinoma and what I remember, I sang this songs: Radiohead’s Creep, Simple Plan’s Crazy and lastly, Metallica’s One. Honestly, I’m still not the good singer you can count on, I think Shermelyn, Rhona and Yna, the three of them, are the better singers, and that’s a compliment 😀 Honestly, I never thought there’s a place like that, updated songlist, first-class rooms, what more? I saw U-kiss, Super Junior, and even the Heavy Metal and Punk Rock bands like Megadeth, Trivium, Good Charlotte, the Sex Pistols, I only feel mad that there’s no So Nyuh Shi Dae in the list. Too bad. But still it’s good to spend my 2 hours there, though it’s just my first time. We sang til’ our jaws drop and the lights out. While they’re singing, I managed to take some photos from Yna’s camera.

After some time, we decided to eat at Jollibee in SM North Cyberzone. We spent 2 hours again just talking while eating. We chitchat the things we remember we’ve done back in highschool days. Mostly, we talked about the funny ones and the tragic ones. It’s amazing to say that I managed to join the company for an hour, the fact that I admit that I myself is an introverted person most of the time, although there are times that they talk about matters I don’t know. Well, I guess I’m still comfortable with these friends, thank goodness. They’re not the type of person you’ll feel real loneliness when you’re with them.

Moments passed, It’s time for me to buy my family’s pride! Games!

I bought God of War Collection for P1350 and Prince of Persia (The Best) for 1150 in DataBlitz. These goodies are owned by my big brother.

Finally, it’s time for us to go home, take a rest, and watch out for tomorrow’s new day 😀 I would like to thank these three people who’ve joined me for almost a day, Shermie, Rhona and Yna. Thanks a lot ladies ^_^

XOXO Bunso Keno

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