The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.2

Today, another all-hail rig will turn your eyes into ice. This rig by sir Urfantasyguy of TipidPC just caught my eye. I swear, you have to take a look at it now.

Honestly, it does not give you the good impression at first, especially if you’re eyeing to the outer appearance, but when you start to take some glimpse on the inside of the box, you’ll see what I was talking about.

As you can see, this monster rig is wearing a MSI GTX460 hawk, firmly equipped in an MSI P55 GD55 motherboard, with an Intel Core i7-870 as the CPU while the stock cooler disregarded and instead, plugged an aftermarket Xigmatek Balder. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about those 4 gigs Corsair RAM sticks speeding up to 1600. All of these power-hungry components connected to a Corsair HX750, and weared by an AeroCool CyborgX, a pretty awesome choice.

Here you see the MSI GTX460 card and the red-black-colored thing-y on the right side below, I think it’s a customized Western Digital Caviar, matched with the customized Corsair HX750.

Generally, sir Urfantasyguy intended to make this rig in a color-concept combining Red and Black, as opposed to sir tsakoyy’s Assasin’s Creed rig. It’s a plus that this rig doesn’t use any water-cooling system, and that the cables inside are arranged very well. If I could define this monster rig in a single word, that would be “Infernus”, because of those HOT and SEXY components inside and the fact that it is a combination of Red and Black. Cool, isn’t it?

STYLE – 9.0
SPACE – 10

Thanks for reading the second part of TPRS. I would like to thank sir Urfantasyguy for the awesome-ness of this rig, and to guys of TipidPC!

|> Metallica – Phantom Lord

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  1. It would be nice if blue colors out there will change into black or red and GPU should be ATI.

  2. i have buy this PC today, it is beautiful and your mod is amazing!!

    Verry god job man!!!

  3. And please, where i’ can buy the fans black and red?

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