Monday visit at PlayStation®Home [Part 1]

So I hooked up my PS3 on the internet this monday to check out for new patches, fix, and some cool new demos. Actually, I grabbed the ModNation Racers Demo from the PSN. I loved it. Much like how I loved LittleBigPlanet. You can do co-op game in a split screen system, create, edit, and share your custom made tracks, cars and avatar. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to share in this Demo version, atleast the custom track you made. I made one and and it’s kinda funny-lookin’. I’ll let you take a look at it, here it goes:

Too bad I forgot to take a shot of the gameplay, in my phonecam atleast. Aside from ModNation, I also grabbed Mushroom Wars. I haven’t tried playing it yet but i’m sure it’s another fun PSN game.

Anyway, after doing the PSN demo downloads, the patch for the Prince of Persia and grabbing the exclusive Assassin’s Creed Altair costume for Prince of Persia, there’s nowhere to go but, PlayStation Home. Apparently, there’s a 40-something-megabyte worth of patch waited for me. Hmm… interesting…

Upon my visit, I realize my avatar doesn’t look like myself anymore, sporting the fauxhawk hair. So, I decided to modify it and choose the longer one, kinda similar to mine. Upon my access to it, I notice the menu are rearranged, and I like it more. Maybe that’s what the patch did. When you press the Start button off from you DualShock 3, you’ve got 3 choices there: Navigator – to access PS Home locations and events, Options – to tweak the in-game settings and, Wardrobe – if you want to pimp your character.

I wandered around my room (Harbour Studio) and checked out my furniture. I noticed something. Where the heck are the Tekken 6 arcade cabinets??? Oh well, must’ve be removed from the catalog.

After sight seeing at my room, checking out my items, I took out the Navigator so I can move to another location. Here’s a phonecam shot of my first destination:

So it’s the Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot, and honestly, I feel so excited coz’ you can actually wander around the location of the first chapter seen in the game. This is where the African guys are beating someone, poor guy. And here you’ll see the guy where you borrowed the guns.

Here’s a collection of wave shots for you guys:

These photos here are in some kind of a filming set, with professional cameras on and a van:

It looks like I’m really playing the game, thanks for the very detailed visual graphics, SONY:

This guy here is selling Resident Evil 5-related stuffs you can use for your avatar such as T-Shirts, Pants, etc. And there’s a Sheva outfit there, gosh, I’m sure it’s worth quite some bucks.

Still remember these locations? I’m sure you do,or else you haven’t played the game, aren’t you?

Here you see the guy who gave Sheva and Chris some weaponry. You can do some mission / mini game here. Actually you are not allowed to take some photos inside The Archives, and since the guy said, it’s a confidential data LOL. I also forgot to take some phone cam shot, atleast. Honestly, what you’ll see inside are just a collection of Resident Evil 5-related info, such as character profiles, locations, events in the game.

Wait a sec, my avatar is getting homesick, tired. He’s having foot cramps. Let him rest first, and take your eyes a rest too, before continuing to the next part of the adventure. The next part is my visit to the other PlayStation Home locations.

To read the next part of my visit at PlayStation Home, click here

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