DIARY | Happy 300th page TPC GeeGeeGee Boys!!

It’s Tuesday right now, and I’m sure your kids or you kids are enjoying your time at home coz’ there’s no classes today. Actually, what you’re thinking of right now isn’t what I, and certain netizens are celebrating about. We, TipidPC users are happy celebrating the 300th page of the unified Girls’ Generation thread.

Born in the hands of Sir lawliet on November 16, 2009. The thread started the time the girls are currently promoting the LG CYON Chocolate Love song, and I’m sure as a guy you enjoy the Music Video. As every TipidPC memebers can join the thread, it is now flooded with photos of the girls, YouTube video sharing, file sharing and most commonly, the talks. Most posts are from Sir hobbes (the one who’s very good in korean), sir ahdouken, sir RENDERMAN (who always flood the thread with pics and downloads), sir harhar, sir makubexXx and many more (I’m sorry to the other guys, it’s just a proof we’re too many in the thread now). I can say I already have atleast 50 posts of the thread.

July 11, 2010

I remember those days when I first saw this thread, I was so grateful and tweeted it in my Facebook, that even in TipidPC, there is atleast a group composed of filipino SONEs and soon-to-be-SONEs, active and all stuck in the beauty of Girls’ Generation. I even compared it to the 2NE1 thread (and I’m sorry for that, I’m starting to love 2NE1 now). Well, that’s already months ago.

And now we’re happy celebrating its 300th page, while yesterday’s the 1st anniversary.
I hope the TipidPC admins won’t give us any of those *
Long live TipidPC SNSD unified thread!! ❤

|> Girls’ Generation (Jessica) – Sweet Delight (SPC Ver.)


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  1. nice one! FTW! kamsahamnida!!!

  2. haha weh?!! buti naman at mas sikat ang girl’ generation kc mas da best cla talaga!!! haaha

  3. nice sir!! nice meeting you since feeling ko isa ka ding Super SONE hehe!! GG Boys FTW!!

  4. nice one! 🙂 I’m gonna share this on fb 😀 hehehe lupit 🙂 Happy 300th Page / Anniv Guys!

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