The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.3

Here we go again, for another rig story to feature. This time, we’re going to have a closer look at sir ronkx‘s “white-outside, colorful-inside” rig.

This monster rig was unveiled on the SMYR thread in TPC on November 16, 2010, just 3 days ago, by sir ronkx. This one isn’t the type you can show off for having the latest components. Instead, I would prefer it calling a “humble but versatile” one. White and clear. Almost like a Pimp-my-Macintosh. I believe this neat chassis is an NZXT Phantom, and yes, it’s cool. If you have the time to look at what a Phantom can give you, do it. You’ll see a bunch of awards grabbed by this one in the NZXT website. If you’re wondering, the front and upper part of the chassis are the plastic ones, the rest are all heavy metal \m/.

Those black/white system fans are included in the chassis. Sir ronkx did not managed to cope up with the color combination. I think he did that on purpose. If you look at it, we’ve got a blue colored CPU fan mounted on the motherboard and a red-colored-line in system’s gpu. It’s good having that black GIGABYTE power supply, matches the color.

As I’ve said above, this one’s the simple type of rig, not those for hardcore guys. I’m not sure what components are installed in this one. But to be honest, having an NZXT Phantom’s enough. I’ve gone to the website a while ago, and to the webpage of the Phantom. Hmm… It’s interesting to see that the Phantom have built-in fan controller and I’m getting jealous. I’m pretty sure the plastic parts of this chassis are durable enough, even if you drop it like many times, it may not break. There’s still a lot of drive bays empty, and yes it can handle more than 8 HDDs, if you’re files are mostly Bluray ripped movies. I’m not pretty sure if this one’s equipped with an optical drive but if you think of it, most systems have, agree? Also, looks like you can install separate system fans just below those HDD containers, cool.

STYLE – 8.5
SPACE – 10

This one’s pretty reminiscent to sir tsakoyy’s “Assassin’s Creed” rig huh. But if you think of it, this one’s more neat. If I have to NAME it myself, it would be… “Assassin’s Creed II” rig 😀 But wait, where’s the Brotherhood one? ^_^

Before we put an end to this article, I would like to personally thank sir ronkx for this wonderful creature he just built.
Thanks for reading!

|> Trivium – The Calamity

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