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If you’re a Silent Hill fan, I assume you do know about what is happening in Konami’s HQ right now. Silent Hill: Homecoming was a bit of disappointment in 2008, and while the next Silent Hill is still in the works, Konami decided to make another horror game franchise, SAW, yes the one you see in the big screen near you ever year.

Developer: Zombie Studios
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s): Third-person Action; Survival Horror
Mode: Single-Player
First Released: October 6, 2009 (NA)
Played on: Microsoft Windows

This game is said to be the “spiritual” successor to Konami’s Silent Hill series. I’m a fan of Silent Hill, played almost all the games, even the mobiles ones, and I thought I should give this one a try. Honestly speaking, I do not expect any psychological horror elements in this game, instead the suspense horror, as it is more of killings, death, traps, games, puzzles, etc. I saw most of the series’ movies, but I’m not a fan, I just enjoy watching those gory scenes with my family.

For me, this game’s great because it incorporates the survival horror genre with a lot of puzzle elements and a bit of psychological horror. This is good, atleast you’re really gonna work on your brain while getting paranoid and trying to fix those puzzles. Some early puzzles aren’t that very challenging but the last few parts will be very memorable. Puzzles in the game are connecting pipes while you are being poisoned by gas, thus, reducing your health. There’s a also a puzzle wherein you’re gonna connect electric currents. A new kind of puzzle is also present everytime you’re saving some people. I can’t say anymore, just try playing it yourself and try solving every puzzles, they’re worth it.

The game isn’t very linear, there are also choices but still it’s really few. One thing would be the last part wherein you’re gonna choose between “freedom” and “truth”. It’s not that interesting, though. Gameplay controls aren’t very accurate, you use mouse to drag, point and click to solve puzzles, which is very annoying. Graphically, the game is not gonna be appealing to those who want very realistic ones. Animations in the game aren’t perfect but for my standards, it’s a pass. There is a thing I became disappointed at in terms of graphics. The game is not very polished, and once you start the game for the very first time, you will notice a lot of screen tearing, and that there’s no option to turn on v-sync. But there is a way to turn it on manually and try to push the game’s highest settings, that is by modifying the game’s config file located in your HDD. There is an option to turn v-sync there and some more tweaks, but I suggest trying out Direct3D Overrider for ease. As for sound effects, there are a lot of times the game’s main menu theme song being played when you’re in-game, but still it is not a big deal to me. The story of the game is a bit puzzling, just like how the movies performed. Actually, until now, I still don’t get the main story itself. I just understand that they are in jigsaw’s territory because they’ve done something that is injustice in the real world. In any way, I managed to finish the game just some weeks ago, using Iheartpancreas of gamefaqsSAW the videogame walkthrough. I decided to use a walkthrough not because I wanted to, but I just want to finish the game as quick as I can, as easy as I can, coz’ I heard you can get lost in the game if you’re not really thinking about your main objectives, and that it’s been a year already since this game was released. I already have a copy since its release date and played once (2009), but never finished it, until now, and I kinda regret thinking that this game isn’t great. It is, though. I had fun playing Detective Tapp and managed to solve all of those puzzles. Great game.


Here are quick videos of the two possible ending in the game:

Watch it directly in YouTube

Watch it directly in YouTube


Final score: 8.5/10 and I’m trying to consider it and SAW II: Flesh and Blood for ps3…

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