[2007] Slapshock – Recollection

Artist: Slapshock
Album Title: Recollection

Release Type: 2nd Compilation Album
Release Date: December 2007
Record Label: PolyEast Records (Formerly EMI Records)
Promotional Single(s): Agent Orange, Evil Clown, Madapaka, Get Away, Shezzo Wicked, Numb, Wake Up, Queen Paranoia, Anino Mo, We Are One, Misterio, Miles Away, Direction, Waiting, Adios, Sigaw
Genre(s): Rap Metal, Nu Metal, Alternative Metal, Metalcore

This is Slapshock’s 2007 2nd compilation album. The album includes all of the band’s most successful and well-known songs for the fans alike. Chronicling since their first album, wherein the band is still into Rap Metal/Nu Metal, you will notice a lot of their vocal and technical changes and improvements up until their later efforts. Slapshock is the Rap Metal king of the Philippines, formed in 1996, the era wherein the Rap Metal (Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, Faith No More) scene are on its peak popularity and the growing community of Nu Metal (Korn, Limb Bizkit, Alien Ant Farm) are on its way, the band introduced both genres in their country.The band is just one out of a few number of musicians that sounded more of an international artists than a local band. They even toured together with some notable Heavy Metal artists in the world such as Korn, Machine Head, As I Lay Dying, Iron Maiden, etc. They even performed as one of the front acts during Trivium and Testament’s performance in Manila. Throughout their career, they have released a total of six albums, all of which are released through PolyEast Records. While started as a Rap Metal/Nu Metal act, as both genres declined in the world of music, the band has slowly shifted from their original genre to Alternative Metal and recently, to Metalcore.


1. Evil Clown
2. Madapaka
3. Agent Orange
4. Get Away
5. Shezzo Wicked
6. Queen Paranoia
7. Numb
8. Wake Up
9. Anino Mo
10. We Are One
11. Misterio
12. Miles Away
13. Direction
14. Waiting
15. Adios
16. Sigaw

Tracks 1-8 are Rap Metal/Nu Metal songs. In fact, Agent Orange sound a lot like Korn’s most successful song Freak On A Leash. The song Madapaka features a screamed vocals of the word “Hudas” which literally means “Judas” but in the Philippines, it is used as an expression to call someone who betrays. The word “Madapaka” when sang in the song can be mistaken for the slang term, “Motherf*cker” easily. The song Wake Up features rap part that are reminiscent to the style of Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) with a combination of some musical elements of another Nu Metal act System of a Down and a little bit of Chester Benington’s (Linkin Park) screamed vocals. Track 9 which is Anino Mo is an Alternative Metal, a slow shift from their older material. Tracks 10 onwards can be classified to be still Alternative Metal with some elements of Metalcore, specially Direction which is a very successful song unveiled during the era wherein Pinoy Rock is on its peak of popularity.

I recommend this compilation. It features the old school Slapshock and their improvements in their career. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Rap Metal/Nu Metal fan or a Metalcore fan instead. Just listen to this greatest hits album and enjoy every effort the band gave over almost 2 decades. I do not agree that this band is “The Rap metal king of the Philippines” while the band itself experimented a lot of genres over the years. It would be better if we put “The Modern Metal king of the Philippines”. Suits well. This is the end of my quick review. Remember to buy it in a store near you, since Slapshock is a NO-TO-PIRACY band. Adios guys!

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