EVENT | Girls’ Generation and BEAST album launching @ SM North EDSA

This day, I’ve gone to SM North EDSA just to buy my very own copy of the Japanese versions of Gee and Genie. It was not just for Girls’ Generation fans, but also for BEAST as MCA/Universal Records are also launching the boys’ new album. I came around 10AM, just the moment the mall opened for that day. There, I saw BEAST and the girls’ picture-friendly standees, awaiting outside, just in front of the entrance of Astroplus.

As expected, I saw lots of fanboys and fangirls out there, hanging out together. Sadly, I am alone, and I can’t stand it when everyone has their own company. I took some captures of the standees first.

Man, it’s so embarrassing to take a solo pic of myself together with these pretty ladies’ standees, with everyone watching you at that moment T_T. I wish I invited someone, atleast my sister, so I have company.

I find it hard to take photos of the girls’ standee. Everyone’s in there and I can’t get in easily. Anyway, at the back of BEAST’s standees, lots of SNSD calendar posters lies. Those will be given once you buy both single albums.

I rushed to the counter and asked the saleslady/cashier for the Girls’ Generation bundle, so I can go home earlier (my other plan is to look for window-type aircon and a fridge). Gosh, lots of CDs…

Now that I’m home, I’ve checked both CDs, the poster and the 9 promotional cards. No, I did not open the CD, that’s a thing I will never do. I find it useful to not open the CDs, even my older CDs are still sealed.

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