2010 | Mafia II – Joe’s Adventures

So you’ve finished Vito’s story and Jimmy’s Vendetta in Mafia II, but you’re still craving for more. I’m sure you are since you’re reading this now. The next DLC for Mafia II is already out, are you in doubt in spending your $9.99 for it? Of course you do. And now I’m here to convince you from here to there.

Joe’s Adventures is Joe Barbaro’s (Vito’s very bestfriend) own game. And since it is, expect a lot of action-packed moments from this fat guy. The game is set during the time Vito is still in the army after they have both failed in an operation:let’s-rob-the-bank!, and the second time Vito was sent to prison. Although this is a DLC game, compared to Jimmy’s Vendetta (which lacks story, cutscenes and is played in an arcade-style gameplay), Joe’s Adventures filled up the holes from the previous DLC. It has a lot of cutscenes, storyline is understandably amazing. Unfortunately, it is still played in an arcade-style gameplay, however, with a lot of improvements. A thing that made Jimmy’s Vendetta a disappointment is its repetitive missions. Joe’s Adventures, on the other hand, removed that thing off, thus the DLC file is a lot bigger than the previous (1.3GB compared to 300MB).

Just like the previous DLC, this one is packed with new features such as new cars, new locations, new clothes just for Joe.

And new Playboy magazine covers to collect!

I have finished this content just 2 days ago. I swear, it is as impressive as the main game. If you are good enough in playing games like this, you would be able to finish it in just 8 hours. But that is not as easy as you are thinking right now. There are some chapters that are harder than what you think. Try it yourself!

Lastly, here’s a video I caught while playing it:

Watch it directly in YouTube

|> After School – Bang!


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