DIRAY | Fridge, Aircon, Wall Fans…

It’s 2 days before Christmas Eve, and 2 days before Mom set on foot back in the Philippines! Despite of that, we, the three little bears are preparing everything, and to this day, we bought a number of electrical appliances so the Christmas Eve and the New Years Eve will be as good as the year of 1950, when electronics are still in the process of invention. We’ve gone to Trinoma and settled everything.

I am accompanied by my sis, my bro, Ate Jho and her daughter Jessie, my niece Nicole and Joanna. Look at them, they’re all so tired. Even I myself.

These are the rotating “elesi” we’ve bought. One is for the Salas, and the Asahi 12 incher one is for my room. In this photo, I’m gonna open those boxes and try to assemble them.

This is the rotating-elesi-na-invisible-pero-malamig thing. It’s a window-type 1 horsepower Aircon. Brand and model name is CARRIER WCARG010EC DLX, so if you’re curious that you’re looking for a rotating-elesi-na-invisible-pero-malamig, try to consider this one. We bought at a humble price of PHP15,500 (originally 17k). We installed this thing up after that.

This thing will stay in my Mom’s room for, hopefully, more than a decade!!!

This one here is our newly bought fridge. It is a single-door one with a height of 7 cu ft. from Kelvinator. Take note, I’m the one who chose this brand and this model so I wish it will last more than a decade also. The model number is KELVINATOR KSD225SA STL. Just like the fans and the airconditioner, this one is also bought at Western appliances with a humble and discounted price of PHP14,400 (originally 16k). Thanks to my convincing powers.

After buying all of these moving-things-via-electrical-powers, we decided to take a quick rest in some of the skirts of Trinoma mall. Look at that guy with the white T-shirt, oh gosh… I’m gonna spend the Christmas Eve with my long hair like that. Messy…

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