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NEWS | The Big 4 Update!

I recently find out that the guys of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax, in short, the Big 4 of Thrash Metal just made their official and active Facebook account! This is a good news for fans of Big 4.

From now on, we can stay up to date to any of the bands of the Big 4 plus the upcoming 2011 Big 4 concerts. Just like the page via Facebook and start following their feed.

I’m hoping to see these bands in my country soon. Big 4 rocks!

|> Slipknot – Psychosocial

NEWS | 2011 Grammy Nominees for Best Metal Performance

It’s the new year, 2011, and as usual, a number of Heavy metal acts are competing for the upcoming Grammy Awards to be held this coming February 13, just before the Valentines Day. As you can see, from 2009 up until today, a lot of Heavy metal bands just recently released new albums. 2 years ago, we’ve got Slayer’s World Painted Blood, Lamb of God’s Wrath, Megadeth’s Endgame, Killswitch Engage’s self-titled album, Children of Bodom’s compilation album Skeletons in the Closet, and some more. While last year we saw the release from bands like Iron Maiden’s fifteenth studio album The Final Frontier, Nu Metal band Korn with Korn III: Remember Who You Are, and more, this time we’ve got these bands (below) nominated as Best Metal Performace for the 2011 Grammy Awards:

Iron Maiden – El Dorado
from The Final Frontier

Korn – Let the Guilt Go
from Korn III: Remember Who You Are

Lamb of God – In Your Words
from Wrath

Megadeth – Sudden Death
from Sudden Death

Slayer – World Painted Blood
from World Painted Blood

Honestly, I am very satisfied of which bands are nominated for this year’s Grammy. They are all competitive and we’ve got bands with a name from different genres. From the Nu Metal songs from Korn, the Groove Metal of Lamb of God, the classic and traditional yet powerful Heavy Metal of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and lastly, the two out of the Big 4 of Thrash Metal, Slayer and Megadeth. This is Dave Mustaine and the rest of Megadeth’s ninth grammy nomination. This is a battle of genres. I hope this year’s Grammy would be very memorable among Metalheads.

I also would like to congratulate metal god Rob Halford and the rest of Judas Priest for winning last year’s Grammy, beating Lamb of God, Slayer, Megadeth, and Ministry.

|> Lamb of God – In Your Words

DOLCE & GABBANA | Le Bateleur, La Lune

December 26, I had the opportunity to shop at Duty Free Phils. together with my Mom, my Aunt, my sis and brother. There, we grabbed our own preferred fragrances. Honestly, I had a hard time which one I should choose. Every year, I choose one luxurious fragrance for myself. A few years ago, I picked Calvin Klein’s CKone twice. Next, I owned Davidoff Coolwater. My sister helped which one to choose, which is D&G Le Bateleur (The Bachelor), on the other hand, she unintentionally picked D&G La Lune.

Both fragrances comes with a simple yet elegant white carton case with a holiday-gift design and each of their logo on it.

The D&G 18 La Lune offers the women-ly fragrance itself, together with a fabricated white case with a D&G logo on it, which is made from synthetic leather (as pictured above).

The perfume itself is placed inside the case upon opening it (as shown above). The case of the D&G 18 is similar to an accesories holder, like those of nail polishers. It looks very glamorous and women will definitely fall for it.

D&G 1 Le Bateleur on the other hand, offers the fragrance itself, matched together with a white flat square-like case, also made of synthetic leather (shown above).

Just like the D&G Le Lune, this one is also placed inside the case by default. In fact, the case looks very luxurious and I’m sure men will also love it. The case looks a lot like a jewelry case where you put your wristwatch (gosh, my 5-year old Guess watch is missing), necklace, and other luxurious accesories.

Both these fragrances cost $62.00 each. I’m sure you can still avail this kind of gift-like set from Duty Free Phils.

All in all, D&G or Dolce & Gabbana did a very good thing in the holiday. Although both were released on or before the holidays of 2010, these luxurious fragrances are the perfect gift for couples this coming February (Valentines’ Day). Happy Valentines!

|> Hilary Duff – Beat of My Heart

NEWS | Jenpoo is back!

Last year, if you can still remember, I blogged about one surprising moment among netizens. That is, the sudden shutting down of the website The website is popular for catering high-quality downloadable mp3 files of most Korean Pop music. It became popular for having almost all of K-Pop artists’ album catalogue, all organized together with the information available. Although considered piracy, users who are into Korean Pop can easily share the music files, their opinions to the music and easily request songs that aren’t present in the catalogue.

A few moments ago, while listening to Lamb of God’s 4th release, I checked out’s fanpage via Facebook. I heard it’s back and therefore, I tried checked it out myself. It is indeed true. Although I am not really sure what is the real reason behind Janpoo suddenly closing down, my expectations I posted before, “Rest in Peace Jenpoo. I know you guys who are working on that site will be back with a new name, new layout and better environment.” is indeed true. I feel great that it’s back. My purpose is to download songs from my favorite K-Pop acts and if I get satisfied, I’ll buy the album If I have the money. I am sure most netizens share the same reason as mine. Cheers!

|> Lamb of God – Pathetic

GIORDANO | Lion Shirt

A few days ago, away from home, we’ve gone to SM Mall of Asia and grabbed some authentic Lion shirts from Giordano.

For 899php you get this Lion shirt, with lots of color and patterns available, good as a gift to your partner or to yourself. Grab yours now and receive a free Giordano-signatured 2011 Planner if you purchase items worth P1000.00 or more in a single receipt. Gabba Gabba Hey!

EDIT: To the readers, I’m really sorry for the confusion. The Lion shirt costs 899PHP instead of 599PHP. Thanks to GiordanoPH.

|> Ramones – Commando


Last week, I grabbed some new clothes from SM Makati’s department store. Here they are:

Those goodies are from Coach and FreshGear. Yes, FreshGear, the rebranded Freego, f’g or what, with national cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao and some new dudes as the new endorsers of the said brand. [Left] is a long-sleeve polo shirt from coach. [Center] is a Black combined with yellow linings from FreshGear. [Right] is another casual-looking polo shirt from coach. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

The picture above is the black colored polo shirt with matching yellow linings is from FreshGear. It suits very well from young adults like me, to middle-aged men. This one is sized small and costs around P549.00.

The next one is the green/white stripes-patterned polo shirt from Coach. Just like the first one from FreshGear, this one also suits for casual young adults to middle-aged men. It costs around P649.00 and is sized small, check it out in your local stores for more colors and sizes.

The last one here is the long-sleeved polo shirt from Coach. This one is intended to use when you’re going up in baguio or other cold places in the country. It costs around P749.00 and just like the other two, it is also sized small.

That’s all for our Fashion watch for today. I can’t wait to wear each of these goodies. Watch out for more Fashion goodies soon!

|> Children of Bodom – Trashed, Lost & Strungout

DIARY | A proof of SNSD’s stardom

Yesterday, we’ve been to Harrison Plaza just after taking the Sunday Mass, together with my mom, stepdad and siblings. Around 11am, we shopped together at SM Makati’s Department store and while waiting for mom, my stepdad said that he feel tired and the two of us should get back at the hotel (Century Park Hotel). While inside the room, I let my stepdad rest and I decided to read the newspapers lying in the table while watching the greatness the sky offers to my eyes.

A few moments later, I scanned a page with a headline “Asia’s Icons” wherein, Girls’ Generation is featured together with South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna. What the article says, you can read it below:

“Korea’s idol group Girls’ Generation, meanwhile, packed a punch by debuting in the Japanese music scene with flair. The nine-member female group is the only foreign Asian band to top the Oricon charts back in October. Just before that, their debut album, Genie, claimed the fourth spot in the Oricon charts, another first for a female group’s debut album.”

It was written by Robert Lee of The Korea Herald for the first week of January’s realease of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Good to hear? As an SNSD fan, of course it is good to hear. Check out the girls on September this year, as a rumor is spreading that Girls’ Generation will hold a concert at the said date (Septmber 24).

|> Children of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet?

DIARY | Show me your 2011 Calendar!!

It’s the new year, and the number one thing to prepare first is having a calendar in your room. If there’s a “Show Me Your RIG!” thread in TipidPC, why not “Show Me Your Calendar”?. As for me, I managed to have a 2011 poster-slash-calendar of Girls’ Generation, I took it as a freebie back when the Japanese Gee and Genie were released.

I placed it near on top of my computer table, as this picture shows:

Now, now, this is enough to have a fully-motivated year 2011, with the girls in my wall.

So, that’s what my 2011 calendar looks like, how about yours?

|> Metallica – Blackened

DIARY | How did you end your 2010?

So, 2011 is here. But what I’m gonna discuss about right now are the things I did in the last day of 2010.

This is how it goes: I END MY 2010,

–  with myself gaining so much weight and having a belly lying in the center of my body.
–  together with my Mom and the rest of my family, and even my cousins who came from our province.
–  with no money.
–  with Call of Duty: Black Ops still not yet finished.
– with my 2011 calendar posted a day before.
– wearing black shirt, board short, colorful flops and a mask similar to those of jabbawockeez.
– having a hair shorter than how it is back in christmas.
– while I’m still hooked up to Girls’ Generation.
– with me still following the straight edge lifestyle.
– with Baby Thea, Baby Zafina, Baby Jolo all present during the party.
– sleepy.

and lastly, I end it happily.

With those things with me during our 2011 welcome party, I’m sure I’m gonna have a fresh and unique start of the new year. Actually, It’s more than just that but it would be awkward to say that I end up my 2010 with a boogle in my nose, imagine that.

|> Metallica – One