DIARY | How did you end your 2010?

So, 2011 is here. But what I’m gonna discuss about right now are the things I did in the last day of 2010.

This is how it goes: I END MY 2010,

–  with myself gaining so much weight and having a belly lying in the center of my body.
–  together with my Mom and the rest of my family, and even my cousins who came from our province.
–  with no money.
–  with Call of Duty: Black Ops still not yet finished.
– with my 2011 calendar posted a day before.
– wearing black shirt, board short, colorful flops and a mask similar to those of jabbawockeez.
– having a hair shorter than how it is back in christmas.
– while I’m still hooked up to Girls’ Generation.
– with me still following the straight edge lifestyle.
– with Baby Thea, Baby Zafina, Baby Jolo all present during the party.
– sleepy.

and lastly, I end it happily.

With those things with me during our 2011 welcome party, I’m sure I’m gonna have a fresh and unique start of the new year. Actually, It’s more than just that but it would be awkward to say that I end up my 2010 with a boogle in my nose, imagine that.

|> Metallica – One


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