DIARY | A proof of SNSD’s stardom

Yesterday, we’ve been to Harrison Plaza just after taking the Sunday Mass, together with my mom, stepdad and siblings. Around 11am, we shopped together at SM Makati’s Department store and while waiting for mom, my stepdad said that he feel tired and the two of us should get back at the hotel (Century Park Hotel). While inside the room, I let my stepdad rest and I decided to read the newspapers lying in the table while watching the greatness the sky offers to my eyes.

A few moments later, I scanned a page with a headline “Asia’s Icons” wherein, Girls’ Generation is featured together with South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna. What the article says, you can read it below:

“Korea’s idol group Girls’ Generation, meanwhile, packed a punch by debuting in the Japanese music scene with flair. The nine-member female group is the only foreign Asian band to top the Oricon charts back in October. Just before that, their debut album, Genie, claimed the fourth spot in the Oricon charts, another first for a female group’s debut album.”

It was written by Robert Lee of The Korea Herald for the first week of January’s realease of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Good to hear? As an SNSD fan, of course it is good to hear. Check out the girls on September this year, as a rumor is spreading that Girls’ Generation will hold a concert at the said date (Septmber 24).

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